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Enjoy Retirement e-Zine, Volume 1 Issue 3 -- Poll on Social Security Retirement Age
March 01, 2010

Volume 1 - Issue 3 03-01-10

Table of Contents:

  1. Editor's Comments
  2. Readers' Questions & Answers or Suggestions
  3. Latest Press Release by
  4. New Reader Poll: Should Social Security Administration Reduce the Retirement Age to 60?
  5. Best Places to Retire

1. Editor's Comments:

Welcome to the latest issue of Enjoy Retirement e-Zine. Our mission is to provide a fun, enjoyable experience to help you achieve your ideal retirement. This e-Zine is set to be a complement to our website

The current PASSWORD to access our free e-books is:

PASSION (uppercase only)

This password will change from time to time to ensure security to our free e-books.

Periodically, we will present a number new, thought provoking items for you to consider. We want to address, not only the income producing jobs one may want to obtain during retirement, but also the fun, satisfying non-paying jobs. Other aspects of retirement such as health, security, money, education and satisfaction of retirement life will be addressed.

2. Readers' Questions & Answers or Suggestions

We encourage all of our readers to ask questions about any of the topics presented or provide suggestions on areas they would like to have covered. Please use our Contact Us page.

3. Latest Press Release

On February 10, 2020, sent out a press release on its new interviews and e-books. The interview with the co-founder of two successful internet companies and quicksprout blogger, Neil Patel, was featured along with the new e-book on Social Security.

4. New Reader Poll: Should Social Security Administration Reduce the Retirement Age to 60?

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D) of Ohio told Fox News in early February 2010 that he has proposed that the social security retirement age be reduced from 62 to 60 for a six month period. He said that would entice approximately one million people to retire from their current jobs which would allow unemployed job seekers to replace those retired individuals, hence reducing unemployment. The cost for this progress is $15 Billion and would come out of the TARP or bailout funds and the American Recovery Act funds. The retirement age would be reinstated to 62 years after a six month period.

Do you agree or disagree with this proposal? You are invited to view the Fox News video on the interview and express your opinion by completing our online poll. Click here to view the video and participate in the Social Security Retirement Age Reduction Poll.

5. Best Places to Retire

You have probably seen many of the list online of the best places to retire or the "Top 10" lists. It seems that the lists vary a great deal depending on which organization puts it together. Here are two lists I came across recently.

First, The Best Places to Grow Old, according to Lauren Sherman of are:

  1. Montgomery County, PA - County covers wealthy Philadelphia suburbs and incudes leafy college towns Bryn Mawr and Lower Merion Township.
  2. Naussau County, NY - Close to NYC, 13 parks, 8 beaches and 5 marinas. Has low crime rate and 295 hospitals, clinics and elder care facilities.
  3. Pima County, AZ - Located near Tucson, where homes are available due to subprime mortgage crisis. Has dry, warm weather near Coronado National Forest.
  4. Palm Beach County, FL - Traditional area for retirees and has cultural and recreational interests, including tap dancing classes toss mahjong. Homes are available due to mortgage crisis.
  5. Honolulu County, HI - Has beaches, golf courses, and uniquely Hawaiian feel. Median housing costs is $1,566/month and average property tax is $1,295/year.
  6. Bevard County, FL - Coastal county has one to the highest percentages of seniors in the country at 20.5%. Good weather and popular communities are nearby.
  7. Montgomery County, MD - Wealthy area just north of Washington D.C. and has luxurious retirement communities.
  8. Ocean County, NJ - Central NJ area offers pleasant parks, beaches and seaside towns.
  9. Westchester County, NY - This NYC suburb attracts many for its natural scenery along the Hudson River, including small towns and villages.
  10. Lancaster County, PA - This county include over 5,000 farms and is nicknamed the Garden Spot of America. The Amish population brings a laid back feeling to the area.

Second is the list of Best Places to Retire picked by U.S. News & World Report in October 2009. A writer, Jennie Phipps, who reviewed it thought that it looked like a computer had picked them. The cities are listed alphabetically.
  1. Ann Arbor, MI
  2. Asheville, NC
  3. Aurora, CO
  4. Columbia, SC
  5. Columbus, GA
  6. Eugene, OR
  7. Fort Worth, TX
  8. Jacksonville, FL
  9. Kansas City, MO
  10. Tucson, AZ

Do your agree with any of these?

We hope you enjoyed this e-Zine and we look forward to providing more interesting and fun information on retirement topics.

"To love what you do and feel that it matters --
how could anything be more fun?"
-- Katharine Graham

Have fun on St. Patrick's Day!

Don D'Armond

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