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Enjoy Retirement e-Zine, Volume 1 Issue 6 -- Retirement Hobbies, 5.75 Questions You Have Avoided
June 01, 2010


Volume 1 - Issue 6: 06-01-10

Table of Contents:

  1. Editor's Comments
  2. Readers' Questions & Answers or Suggestions
  3. Retirement Hobbies
  4. Enoch's Stomp
  5. 5.75 Questions You Have Been Avoiding

1. Editor's Comments:

Welcome to the latest issue of Enjoy Retirement e-Zine. Our mission is to provide a fun, enjoyable experience to help you achieve your ideal retirement. This e-Zine is set to be a complement to our website

The current PASSWORD to access our free e-books is:

PASSION (uppercase only)

This password will change from time to time to ensure security to our free e-books.

Periodically, we will present a number new, thought provoking items for you to consider. We want to address, not only the income producing jobs one may want to obtain during retirement, but also the fun, satisfying non-paying jobs. Other aspects of retirement such as health, security, money, education and satisfaction of retirement life will be addressed.

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2. Readers' Questions & Answers or Suggestions

We encourage all of our readers to ask questions about any of the topics presented or provide suggestions on areas they would like to have covered. Please use our Contact Us page.

3. Retirement Hobbies

What do you like to do? What is your passion? Retirement is a great time to concentrate on your hobbies. I thought we should spend some time going over a number of ideas for hobbies. You don't need to be retired to start getting involved.

Here is our list of 63 ideas for retirement hobbies, some of which can be setup as a business, if you like. We will break them down into some major categories.

  1. Homes (Indoors) - Since our homes are one of our biggest investments, we are willing to spend time on them. Consider some of these actives.
    > Home staging
    > Interior design
    > House cleaning
    > Home repair
    > Real estate sales

  2. Homes (Outdoors)
    > Siding/Roofing/Sidewalk/Powerwashing
    > Landscaping
    > Master gardening
    > Growing or selling plants and flowers.
    > Flower pressing

  3. Pets - They provide great joy in our lives. Many are willing to pay good money to keep them happy and healthy.
    > Pet visitation and feeding while the owner is away
    > Dog training
    > Pet groming
    > Dog walking
    > Dog adoption
    > Showing dogs
    > Pet psychology

  4. Food - Everyone enjoys good food.
    > Growing and selling produce
    > Personal chef
    > Cake making
    > Coffee
    > Specialty gourmet offerings
    > Vineyard and Winery (more on this below)

  5. Autos - Can't live without them and they are so much fun.
    > Auto mechanic
    > Auto detailing
    > Auto customization
    > Taxi/limousine/chauffeur
    > Auto restoration (My favorite - see my 1960 Chevy Impala on our Retirement Hobbies page and more pictures on our About Us page)

  6. Website Services - In today's business environment, skills in website production and marketing are highly desirable.
    > Start a Website
    > Website design
    > Search engine optimization
    > Website optimization
    > Website development and coding

  7. Skilled Arts - If you are really good at something, people will probably pay for it.
    > Ceramics
    > Rubber stamping
    > Handwriting analysis
    > Graphic design
    > Screen printing
    > Computer aided design
    > Painting and drawing

  8. Recreation - These have a strong impact on our fulfillment and life satisfaction.
    > Backcountry guide
    > Hunting guide
    > River guide
    > Canoe/kayak rental
    > Bicycle sales and service

  9. Health - Find ways to become healthier and live longer.
    > Fitness or personal trainer
    > Martial arts trainer
    > Yoga instructor
    > Rehabilitation expert
    > Nutritionist

  10. Event Planning and Service - Help others experience life's biggest events.
    > Photography
    > Wedding planning
    > Catering
    > Travel guide
    > Travel agent

  11. Other
    > Life coaching
    > Writing
    > Retirement financial planning
    > Accounting
    > Playing the piano
    > Story telling
    > Research business
    > Catching and selling wild game

Please visit our Books on Retirement page for more ideas. To learn how to live a purposeful and rewarding life, examine the Leadership Series for Successful Living at the middle of the Decision Tree page.

I would love to know what your plans are for retirement. Just fill out this short form and your comments will become a page on my site or, if you prefer, send it directly to me on our Contact Us page.

4. Enoch's Stomp

A couple of weeks ago, Jency and I visited Enoch's Stomp Vineyard and Winery located in the beautiful piney woods of Northeast Texas and had a fantastic time. As stated in their website, Enoch's Stomp brings new world influences to old style wine making.

If you have every thought about how great it would be to start a vineyard, then take a look at what Jon Kral and Altus Koegelenberg have done. Altus, who is a fifth generation grape farmer, was born and raised near Capetown, South Africa. He met Jon in East Texas and they conceived the idea of a vineyard. They developed it and started operations in 2004.

Currently, they produce mostly white wines from their own grapes due to the soil conditions, but also produce Norton and Merlot red wines from supplied grapes. It is well worth your while to visit them if you are every in the area near Harleton, Texas near Longview, Texas.



5. 5.75 Questions You Have Been Avoiding

Here is a video that you may have seen on YouTube or even on my website. It was produced by a company called Box of Crayons. It is well worth viewing and I do hope you enjoy it.

The video length is 5 min. 17 sec., so sit back and enjoy:

We hope you enjoyed this e-Zine and we look forward to providing more interesting and fun information on retirement topics.

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