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Enjoy Retirement e-Zine, Volume 1 Issue 9 -- Social Network Analysis - Know Your Customer
September 01, 2010


Volume 1 - Issue 9: 09-01-10

Table of Contents:

  1. Editor's Comments
  2. Readers' Questions & Answers or Suggestions
  3. Five Ways to Gain Customers Through Social Media
  4. Know the Business and Know Your Customers
  5. You Don't Have an On Switch

1. Editor's Comments:

Welcome to the latest issue of Enjoy Retirement e-Zine. Our mission is to provide a fun, enjoyable experience to help you achieve your ideal retirement. This e-Zine is set to be a complement to our website

The current PASSWORD to access our free e-books is:

PASSION (uppercase only)

This password will change from time to time to ensure security to our free e-books.

Periodically, we will present a number new, thought provoking items for you to consider. We want to address, not only the income producing jobs one may want to obtain during retirement, but also the fun, satisfying non-paying jobs. Other aspects of retirement such as health, security, money, education and satisfaction of retirement life will be addressed.

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2. Readers' Questions & Answers or Suggestions

We encourage all of our readers to ask questions about any of the topics presented or provide suggestions on areas they would like to have covered. Please use our Contact Us page.

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3. Five Ways to Gain Customers Through Social Media

Here is the social network analysis you go through:


1. Connect - It all starts here. Try visiting several media, don't just use one. Connect with those that are looking for you. They are accessible.

2. Conversation - You talk about what they want to talk about. Study their profiles, including pictures, videos, etc. to learn about them. Stay in touch and listen when they are communicating with them. By doing so, they will want to stay connected to you.

3. Value - Here is the point where you bring them in to your message like a magnet. Show them the value they can obtain with the message you are presenting.

Demonstrate how your message can improve, expand and broaden their life. You accomplish this by providing tips and how-to's in blog posts, content pages, videos, tweets, Facebook posts, and such. You can show them how to do something that they want to learn or how to do something easier. Give them the steps to take in order to be something or do something. When you get them to expand the size of their dreams, you will get them to become a customer.

The greater value you provide, the greater chance you will lead them through the doorway.

4. Doorway - The doorway is the conversion to a customer. In order to have any kind of business, you need to convert prospects to customers.

The best approach to do this is to give them an offer where saying "No" is impossible. Give them an offer that is difficult to turn down. The key here is "give". Give away something that will improve their lives or something that they must have. They will see value.

5. Customer - In this last step, the customer purchases your message, product or whatever you are selling. Then you not only have a customer, but the beginning of a relationship.

Encourage them, thank them and stay in touch. Make sue your Message, Value and Emotions are presented to your customer frequently. They will know you and become your biggest fans.

Using social media can make this happen in your home business or traditions business. Just follow the steps.

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4. Know the Business and Know Your Customers

All businesses should stay in touch with the internet environment as it is constantly changing. Keeping right perspective is critical to success in any business.

The staff at SiteSell are always on the cutting edge of everything e-business. They have helped thousands of people launch successful Web businesses with SBI.

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In the busy and nosy blogosphere, get ready for some quite, original and valuable thinking, not to mention unique insights into SiteSell itself.

In fact, here is and interesting post by Ken Evoy, SiteSell's CEO. Ken has some strong feelings about the future of SEO. So he really cuts loose on the subject and takes some pleasure in both updating the current state of SEO and saying "I told you so" to the SEO community…

5. You Don't Have an On Switch

We are not machines, so we should take our time and rebalance. We are better when we oscillate. Here are a few ideas to balance intensity and recovery.

1. Sprint for 90 minutes - This is not a physical sprint, but a work sprint. We are not running a marathon, so work hard for 90 minutes, then take a break. (Just like a sprint.) After your downtime for the break, then sprint again for 90 minutes.

2. Get enough sleep (Version 1) - Most all of us are sleep deprived. Most people need 7 hours plus each night. If we aren't getting that much, then we under-perform. If you want to excel, then sleep.

3. Get enough sleep (Version 2) - Take a power nap or day-time nap. It can significantly increase your ability to deliver for the rest of the day.

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We hope you enjoyed this e-Zine and we look forward to providing more interesting and fun information on retirement topics.
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"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like."
~ Lao Tzu,Chinese philosopher

"Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change - this is the rhythm of living."
~ Bruce Barton, American author

Hope your September is fantastic!

Don D'Armond

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