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Enjoy Retirement e-Zine, Volume 2 - Issue 14 -- Food Truck Industry - How to Become an Entrepreneur
February 01, 2011

Enjoy Retirement e-Zine
Food Truck Industry - How to Become an Entrepreneur

Volume 2 - Issue 14: 02-01-11

Table of Contents:

  1. Editor's Comments
  2. Readers' Questions & Answers or Suggestions
  3. How to Use a Food Truck to Gain Independence
  4. Haven't Found a Job - See Our Job Search Tips

  5. 1. Editor's Comments:

    Welcome to the latest issue of Enjoy Retirement e-Zine. Our mission is to provide a fun, enjoyable experience to help you achieve your ideal retirement. This e-Zine is set to be a complement to our website

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    PASSION (uppercase only)

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    Periodically, we will present a number new, thought provoking items for you to consider. We want to address, not only the income producing jobs one may want to obtain during retirement, but also the fun, satisfying non-paying jobs. Other aspects of retirement such as health, security, money, education and satisfaction of retirement life will be addressed.

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    2. Readers' Questions & Answers or Suggestions

    We encourage all of our readers to ask questions about any of the topics presented or provide suggestions on areas they would like to have covered. Please use our Contact Us page.

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    3. How to Use a Food Truck to Gain Independence

    It takes more than just going out and buying a truck. As with any successful business, one must develop a plan and stick with it. Using a food truck to sell tasty morsels especially at lunch had become very popular. If you are considering such a venture, here are some of the things that should consider:
    1. Check the city regulations and codes.
      A horror story would be starting up your business with great food, location and the possibility of great traffic, then being shut down by the city for not following regulations. Food safety codes and regulations can vary greatly, so be sure that you know what all of the requirements are.

    2. Prepare your menu to be simple.
      Remember that you are in a small space in your food truck with probably only one serving window. You want to serve great, fresh, tasty food that your customer will enjoy. They should not have to wait of food preparation or receive food not served at the correct temperature because of delays. Plan it so the meal can be assembled quickly and delivered to a hungry customer. You can have more than one item, but ensure that they are prepared easily.

    3. Take bad weather into account.
      Let's face it, you will not have great weather every day. Sales will vary, so consider that you may serve an equivalent 9-10 months out of the year in your plan. Do your research to evaluate this properly.

    4. Location, location, location.
      As with just about everything, location is important in marketing your product. If you determine the best spot for a lunch crowd, then your competition has likely thought of it too. Consider finding an underserved neighborhood that has not been visited by other trucks. You will probably move from one location to another based on season of the year, traffic and other factors.

    5. Use social media marketing.
      More frequently now, an increasing number of customers are looking for your next location and time through their Facebook and Twitter alerts. You have to get on the bandwagon and use these tools to help market your products.

    6. Things break, so be prepared.
      I am talking about grills or just about anything mechanical on the truck. One of the most important items is the truck's generator. It that goes out, you may be in deep trouble. Get yourself an extra generator or inverter that operates off the truck's engine.

    7. Sell away from the truck too.
      Figure out how you can bring in income without the truck to help when those bad weather days and level out your income stream. You may want to offer catering or selling other items at other venues.

    8. Make your customer remember you.
      Find a way to stand out so your customer will tell their friends. It could be the way you treat your customers, remember their names, have an interestingly painted truck or dress in an unusual serving costume. Find what works for you. All in all, what a great way to find a job.

    No doubt about it, you will see more food trucks on the street that offer items that you have not seen available before. Just consider if you want to learn How to Become an Entrepreneur.

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    4. Haven't Found a Job - See Our Job Search Tips

    It can be frustrating, but don't give up. The best approach is to keep working it. Here are a few of the things you can consider in your job hunting.

    1. Network.
      With today's market, passive methods of job hunting rarely work. You need to network, just like the old days and today, you need to use social media like LinkedIn and Facebook too. Tell people that you looking for a specific job function.

    2. Target employers that need your skills.
      Researching employers is an essential first step to ensure that you have a better chance of success for job openings to be more likely. Try the informational interview technique to learn more about your target companies.

    3. Follow up on your resumes.
      Proactively calling or emailing after you send in your resume will more likely get you an interview. Employers want someone who has initiative and shows interest.

    4. Practice your interview skills.
      Ask a friend to help you conduct a mock interview. It does help you prepare your answers and you will become more comfortable in your responses during the actual interview.

    5. Send a thank you note after the interview.
      I consider this to be one of the most important steps you can take. It is common courtesy and it just might make the difference to the employer when your hand written thank you note appears. Email thank you notes are just not the same. You can portray more feeling with a hand written note.

    6. Ask for the job.
      It may seem obvious, but many people do not tell the interviewer that they have the skills and desire for the job and ask for it.

      Read more about the Best Resumes and how to prepare them.

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      We hope you enjoyed this e-Zine and we look forward to providing more interesting and fun information on retirement topics.
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