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Thank you for visiting this page. Enjoy Retirement Jobs is owned and operated by Don and Jency D’Armond under the company name of Blue Impala, L.L.C., a Limited Liability Company. I am the writer and developer, and Jency is the editor.


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We want to share some of our background with you. I received my bachelor of science in electrical engineering and an MBA from LSU. I proudly served as a First Lieutenant in Vietnam.

Jency is also a graduate of LSU with a BA in Journalism. After working in the business world for several years, she then devoted her time to raising our children, serving our community and pursuing art. She has had a calligraphy business for many years.

My career in the oil and gas industry began during the transition from a regulated to non-regulated environment. I was involved in the development of a natural gas marketing company for a major oil and gas producer. During my career, I have worked with producers, gatherers, intrastate and interstate pipelines, local distribution companies, industrial end-users and power generators. All these career experiences brought great challenges and satisfaction.

I have several hobbies. One of my most rewarding experiences was the eight year restoration of my 1960 Chevy Impala 2-door hardtop. This is a special car to me for a couple of reasons. First, my dad bought it for my two brothers and me to use in high school and college. And the second and more important reason is that my wife and I dated in this car. Our blue Impala had 129,432 miles when my dad stored it in my grandfather’s barn. He said “it was too good of a car to trade in”. Eighteen years later, restoration began. I still drive it today. And now you know how our company got it’s name.

© www.enjoy-retirement-jobs.com/about-us-at-enjoy-retirement-jobs.html

© www.enjoy-retirement-jobs.com/about-us-at-enjoy-retirement-jobs.html

After my retirement, I discovered Site Build It! (SBI), a company that helps you build your own website. When I came across it, I realized that I could use SBI to increase our travel budget and the college funds for our grandchildren. As it turned out, I got so much more than I expected. I got a big kick out of it from an organization determined to provide a win-win for its customers.

If you want to learn more about Solo Build It, go to my Enjoy Solo Build It page. The folks at SiteSell are just plain nice. You can meet them at SiteSell Twitter, where everyone in the company Tweets.

I am having a great time developing our website and hope you will find the site useful in your own search. Please visit Enjoy Retirement Jobs often as we will be adding more information.

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