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Who Is An Entrepreneur?

More African American entrepreneurs are making the headlines highlighting their business success. Follow the example of those on this page who are successful in e-commerce.

It has been said that the internet levels the playing field. That is probably true, but in any case, we are finding more and more black entrepreneurs successful in the wired world of the internet.

Who is an entrepreneur? It is the person that comes up with a good idea (on a topic for which you have a passion), presents it in a comfortable, professional manner, builds trust, does the technical things that are required to be captured by search engines and provides content that their readers what. That person can be successful on the web.

That is just the case with these individuals, as each has discovered the best business to start to meet each of their needs and provide great information and material to others. Each of the following African American entrepreneurs have websites that are in the top 1% of all websites.

African American Entrepreneur Success


JJ has always been passionate about cooking soul food, which he learned from his family. Soon his family and friends encouraged him to do more great cooking. Later in the military he had the opportunity share his knowledge and cooking with many that had not experienced it before. His solo food and southern cooking was a hit.

Trying to meet the demand for requests, he starting providing cooking instructions until that process became overwhelming. Based on his wife's recommendation, he created a website,

And what a success in the top 1% on the web. Locate his site on the list of top websites.



Michael Holland founded He is also the president of ImagineQuest Information Products, Inc. His website focuses on providing unique ideas that can transform homes and apartments into well decorated spaces in less time.

He felt there was a strong need for a decorating reference that was comprehensive, but also had your questions and thought in mind. He has done a great job with this idea and has created quite a business.

He can be found in the listing of successful owners in the top 1% of the internet here.



Lisa Irby is the owner/operator of When she decided that she wanted to lose a few pounds and tone her body, the process began. She tried several techniques including an 8-minute tape that did no good. She realized that you cannot just spot tone.

She learned the best way is to eat healthy, drink lots of water and exercise regularly. She found the way to do it and began sharing her ideas and routines on her website.

It has done so well that it has earned her a spot on the list of top websites.

The Road to Entrepreneurship

These are examples of real African American entrepreneurs that followed their passion and build e-businesses. The way to approach is through a solid foundation of a model in Solo Build It! 2.0 that works.

The Solo Build It model has been very successful, especially when compared with other web development tools. such as Yahoo Web Hosting Pro and 1+1 Websitebuilder Plus. If you still have questions and want to learn more without any obligation, please feel free to contact Solo Build It staff and owners here, to answer you questions.

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