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Richard Cannon

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Want to become an entrepreneur? Richard Cannon did and made it a success and benefited his retirement funds. Find out what characteristics of an entrepreneur that he applied.

For any of us who have ever posed the question of whether we wanted to become an entrepreneur to ourselves, this is a story that you should read. It doesn’t matter so much that you worked for an employer for a number of years or not, the thought process and commitment is the same.

One must determine if you are willing to search out different occupations to find the one that is right for you. If you are leaning in the direction of independent work, you need to determine what are the characteristics of an entrepreneur and do you have those characteristics.

Richard Cannon has gone through the process and has come out on top. He was highlighted in my section on Boomer Entrepreneurs and recognized by Site Build It (SBI) as owner/operator of a top website,, that is featured in the Case Studies of Site Build It.

He has a great deal of experience in building websites, so we wanted to provide this discussion as one more element in your consideration of your own review of different occupations.

"It was scary to me then knowing my paychecks would come from me, not an employer, and the same applied to my retirement funds."

~ Richard Cannon

"You can 'have your cake and eat it too', but it requires YOU to do it".

~ Richard Cannon

We know you will enjoy hearing from Richard about this subject.


1. Hi Richard. We thank you for joining us today to discuss your background and your development as an entrepreneur. Could you tell us a little about what got you started on your path to entrepreneurship?

During my 30 years in civil engineering I decided in 2005 to change my working life entirely. My need for independence was stronger than ever before, so I set a course to make that happen.

It was very scary to me then knowing my paychecks would come from me, not an employer and the same applied to my retirement funds. The second hurdle of course was what skills I would use to become an independent worker.

2.How did you go about determining the process you were going to go through?

My first step was to look back at my career to see what it was I had actually done for so many years. The answer was that I had stood between the client and my bosses supporting each. It always seemed to me there was a communication gap between the two. Clients did not understand engineers and engineers often did not understand the client. In reality that made me the “middle man”.

Years before, about 1994, I got my first PC. The internet was young, search engines intrigued me, so I spent my hobby hours learning all I could. I eventually started building websites for myself, then for others.

3. What was the next step in your development toward independence?

About 2003 I found SBI! Everything I had taught myself was in there plus some. I also found that once again the client didn’t understand the technology at all, mainly because of so much internet hype. So you guessed it, I was in the middle again.

The difference this time was with my first SBI! account I had most everything I needed to educate my clients, build my credibility, and earn an income. I joined the SBI! webmasters and my first year I saw $40,000 in income. My SBI! case studies have the full story.

4. What do you want to tell others that are considering the life of an entrepreneur?

What makes this story important to you is that if you want to become an entrepreneur or just looking for something extra, it does not require that you re-educate yourself or invent something new. Your life’s experiences are valuable to others and even colleges give you credit for those years. Look back at life a little. See what you were good at. See what you can improve. That’s where you will find the business and likely the happiness you’re looking for. It will not come from get rich quick schemes. None of those are reality I promise you.

Regardless of what you choose you will definitely need a way to sell your products or services. Today it makes more sense to build a business on the web versus a brick and motor building somewhere.

You can "have your cake and eat it too" but it requires You to do it. With SBI! you get what you need to do that, including the education. All you have to do is supply the brains and motivation and focus on your goals. I know this because here in 2010 I’m still independent, and my days and nights now belong to me.

Richard Cannon


Richard, thanks very much for sharing your story and thoughts on what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

He has created another website dedicated to consulting with small businesses to develop the optimum websites to attract more clients.  My readers can find out more about Richard's Web Consulting business at

Decide if you want to become an entrepreneur and take action.

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