Advice For the Best Resumes

How do you develop the best resumes in today's environment?

Most likely it has been quite a while since you have looked for a job. Resume writing has changed during that time period. As the internet has taken a greater role in our business and social environment, you will find that most companies want you to apply for jobs online. So companies are consumed with volumes of resumes for every job posting.

Frequently, resumes are screened by computers searching for key words, so it is imperative that you find out how to write the best resumes to keep you competitive. Some key elements to consider in your search for jobs for seniors are:

  1. You do not have to keep your resume to one page, but it should not go over two pages, unless you are searching for a job in academia.
  2. Do not list every job you ever had. Most probably, a computer will be scanning so you want it packed with key words to show you are the perfect person for this position. Listing all of your prior jobs will date you too.
  3. Pick and choose your prior jobs that best match the position you are seeking, no matter how long ago you worked that job.
  4. Do not include "Reference available upon request" on the resume. All employers assume that is the case.
  5. Snail mail is hardly used today to submit resumes. It will date you if you do. Most companies want you to apply for jobs online. So there is no need to print out a large number of resumes on quality paper for future mailing until you find a need for handouts.

  6. You should design several resumes for each type of position that you are seeking to best match their needs. Do not use just one design.
  7. Be sure that the skills and key words that the company set forth in its ad are clearly identified in your resume. Should you not have them, it is best to add them to develop a better match.
  8. You can use the same key words several times in your resume for different positions. Some computer scanning programs score the resume and you can get a higher score by having more years doing the required skill. Even if a human being is scanning the resume, it is easier for him to find the key words.
  9. Focus on your accomplishments and use active words that are descriptive and relevant to the position.
  10. Use current terminology and phrases on your resume.
  11. Review the job listing to see what type of technologies are required. You may want to go back to school to update your skills.
  12. Avoid personal information about your family or hobbies, unless it is relevant to the position. Keep it relevant.
  13. Address your work gaps and check spelling and grammar carefully.
  14. Take extra hard copies of your resume with you to your interview, in case it is needed.
  15. Make sure you develop the very best cover letter to interest the reader.

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Keep in mind the importance of cover letters. They can really make a difference in getting noticed initially. Amazing Cover Letters can help you succeed.

Baby boomers present an interesting situation to the business environment. We see an aging workforce that moves out of the business world at an ever increasing rate, voluntarily or involuntarily, and this aging workforce is competing with other boomers for jobs during retirement. So as during your earlier career, you have to prepare yourself in the best possible manner to succeed in your quest for that ideal retirement job.

Remember that the best resumes are the ones that will receive a more detailed review. Keep the right attitude, be persistent and follow your plan. Success will follow.

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