Best Retirement Calculator: Wallet Pop Retirement Income Calculator(s)

by Carola
(New Jersey)

Wallet Pop Calculator

Wallet Pop Calculator

Wallet Pop Calculator Wallet Pop Expense Input Form

Best Retirement Calculator: Wallet Pop Retirement Calculator

The Wallet Pop Retirement Calculator is actually a collection of 15 calculators, including a retirement income calculator. At first I thought that there were too many calculators for a person to coordinate the results for a workable retirement plan. But, the calculators are based on the most likely questions a pre-retiree or retiree might have, so they all have their useful purpose. Like the other calculators I tried, I decided to give it a second go round.

Retire To Something


  • There are several different calculators to address the scenarios you are most likely to want answers to.

  • Your figures are saved so that no matter what calculator you choose, no need to re-enter the data.

  • Inputting figures is very easy as is accessing each page.

  • The calculator(s) take into account savings/investment that continue during retirement.

  • It also considers taxes, inflation and projected investment returns.

  • The investment fields are characterized by type 401K, 401K Roth, Traditional IRA, Roth, etc. and include % expected returns and even takes into consideration the employers match.

  • There is a place for your spouse's financial information as well.

  • There are fields for projected expenses when you first retire as well as during three different stages that include midway your expected retirement and remaining years.


  • Results are only shown in graphs, though they are easy enough to read and I guess could be a "Pro" for some.

  • Each of the calculators' "help" tabs have the same information and are not personalized.

  • I didn't understand how they came by results in a couple of the graphs.

I'd give this calculator a "9" only because of the "Con" issues.



Thanks Carola. We appreciate the time and analysis on the Wallet Pop calculators. Sounds like this is one of your top rated calculators.

Don at ERJ.

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