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Communication is a critical element in sharing your love of Christ. A number of Christians have used the internet as a way to talk about their faith and beliefs. More are doing so because it is a successful method of communicating with other, including establishing a feedback mechanism for those that wish to participate.

Here are two individuals that have found a way to spread their views of their faith.



Pauli Price developed and owns this site.

Just about everything you would want to know about establishing a curriculum or lesson plans is covered in this website. New teachers can find a great deal of ideas and tools to use to teach their message.

Her site has become so successful that it is within the top 1% of all sites on the internet as shown in this list.



Ameerah Lewis has an amazing story that led her to create

Her difficult childhood and desire for peace carried her to God through her grandmother. Over the years, she has grown to find her peace and now presents the love she has found to others. Her website has helped her and others in their search for peace.

She has become a successful communicator and reaches many with her site that has made its way to the top 1% on the internet.

Her website has not only reached many, but has helped Ameerah increase her income to ease her financial concerns.

Find the Drive In You

We all have things that we want to find or want to say. One of the best way to do that in today's environment is through the internet with a proven system to leads to success.

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