Cool Jobs (Non-Income)
Bring Happiness

Cool Jobs Bring Fulfillment and Fun

Not looking for income? Find your passion, then -- LIVE IT!
And you will discover the cool jobs that bring happiness and satisfaction.

If you have determined that you don’t have to or don’t want to work for income, then the world opens up to some really cool jobs. Most always, they produce happiness, especially if you find your passion.

Keep in mind that now you don’t have to try to achieve those pre-retirement characteristics like financial success, power and achievement. You can strive for personal satisfaction, joy and happiness when looking for your after retirement jobs.

There are many directions you can go, so I will try to discuss several and provide some examples along the way. The areas I will cover are:

  • Volunteering at home and abroad
  • Strengthening friendships and family ties
  • Enjoying your projects and hobbies
  • Improving yourself - Learn more, live your dreams, think differently

"And when I get real, real bored, I like to drive downtown and get a great parking spot, then sit in my car and count how many people ask me if I'm leaving."

~ Steven Wright

"For the happiest life, days should be rigorously planned, nights left open to chance."

~ Mignon McLaughlin

Volunteer Ideas

Volunteering is a great away to do good for others and gain satisfaction and joy for yourself. It is also one of the cool jobs. There are numerous Community Activities that you can be a part of.

If you want to continue your focus on business growth and development, look at our discussion of the volunteer opportunities in the Business Arena.

The growth of the Internet has made International Volunteering so much easier to become involved.

Strengthen Friendship and Family Ties

The meaning of “Socializing with Others” has changed over the years. Sure, you can still call or write to friends and join church, neighborhood or industry organizations. However, the internet social networking sites have changed the game forever. You can still email or instant message your friends and family.

Of course, such networks are useful when you want to search for a retirement job for income.

If you have ever had an interest in genealogy, there are a number of websites that can assist you in locating your ancestors. Follow through on that and send the information to your family members. They will all enjoy learning more about their past.

Retirement Projects and Hobbies

Start that hobby or spend more time on the one you already have to enjoy one of the most fun after retirement jobs. Research your topic and find courses to learn more about your major area and branches of it. If it is a physical item, make an extra to donate to your favorite charity. Or you could gain some income by selling it online. Start a garden and share your product and flowers with others.

Perhaps you have always wanted to write a novel or short story. Great, now is the time to start. One approach is to present your topic or story through an electronic newsletter or e-Zine. You can send them out on a regular basis to start developing a following.

Now that you have time, one of your cool jobs could be to Build your Dream House. Search the internet for house plans using such sites and Southern Living or niche oriented sites such as for a design of a Southern cottage home in Louisiana.

At in Texas, you can find plans for German farm houses of guest cottage or country-style living homes that can actually be build in 60 days. Great idea that really works.

Improve Yourself

Now is the time. Do more than follow your passion -- LIVE IT! There is do much opportunity for growth available to us today.

Educate Yourself

You can gain knowledge through on-line improvement courses on the internet or sign up for college classes for credit or for audit.

Follow Your Dream

If you had a dream, now is the time to GO FOR IT! Consider what you really enjoy. Think what about it that really peaks your interest. Charge in with a strong, positive attitude. Do more than just find your passion -- LIVE IT.

Perhaps you want to live and work in the Italian mountains studying painting, digital photography or clay sculpture. There is a way to do that.

You may want to learn more about your family history and investigate your genealogy. Follow this section to see the best genealogy sites.

You may even want to become a boomer entrepreneur. You can get started here.

Expand Your Horizons

We are at that point where we talk about doing those things that you always wanted to do, but couldn’t or didn’t follow through. It could also be something that you have not thought about before.

It may be to travel to that far-away destination or just to think harder. We are talking about stretching yourself. It may be one of the topics we discussed on this page. Do something new and different. Learn. Tell others about it.

Most of all, be sure you find happiness by living your passion. Then you will have one of the cool jobs.

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