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Peter Fisher

An Enjoy Retirement Jobs Interview

Are different occupations the answer for you? Want to change careers? If you are considering what to do next in your life, then you just may want to talk to Peter Fisher of

Peter, located in Cheshire, United Kingdom, is an experienced career coach that provides insight and guidance to those who are searching for a new beginning. He created his website to help others find what they were looking for in a new career.

If you are looking for the best retirement jobs or just want to look at different occupations for the next stage of your life, he may be able to provide some direction.

As you look for the optimum career occupation description to match your desires, he can assist in many aspects of the process, such as, determining exactly what you want in a job. Can you describe the level of responsibility you want, the work structure, the pace and pressure, and other elements. Do you know what different occupations to strive for.

He can provide recommendations for many aspects of the job search process, such as, cover letter writing, resume writing, the interview process and others. All of this works toward your goal of finding the best careers for you.

"One of the most important ways to prepare for an interview is to research the organization first and the internet makes that possible."
~ Peter Fisher

"Maintain your confidence and optimism and never quit, give up or give in – you know you can do it, so keep going till you get there.
~ Peter Fisher


1. Hello Peter. I want to thank you for taking time to discuss a few things with us. As a starting point before we get into how to locate and capture different occupations, would you give our readers a little more information on your background and how you came to focus on becoming a career coach?

I started out by qualifying as a design engineer, but became more interested in the human side of things after being invited to join a contracting organization, first as a design engineer then in finding and recruiting the right technical people for our clients. I ended up running the technical recruitment business until the market changed in the early 1990's when I went into the outplacement business, working with hundreds of managers and technical people from, at first, within the UK coal mining industry which was being decimated at the time.

Following that I was recruited by KPMG Management Consulting to run their outplacement activities which involved working with a wider range of people, both one on one and in groups, at all levels from many different commercial, private and public sector organizations. That business was taken over by Sanders & Sidney plc before being submerged within Penna PLC where I became the Business Director.

After further changes in the market and my own redundancy I set up Career Consulting Limited which has been established since 2002 to continue providing the expert career services which I specialize in.

2. Your website covers a number of different areas of the job search, career counseling subject matter. Could you tell us more about the site? How did you start it, what are you trying to provide to your visitors and how does it help them evaluate different occupations?

Between 1976 and 2002 I held several good jobs in recruitment, employment tribunal representative, redundancy and outplacement counsellor, HR consultant and business manager - all aspects of job and career change. Although I usually had no great difficulty in finding new jobs, I went through downsizing or redundancy four times and well remember the feelings of disappointment and rejection every time it happened. I started in order to help and support people who were going through their career issues, possibly without any form of professional help.

My starting point was how to draw on 25 years of experience in which I have helped thousands of people to their own career success, and make this knowledge freely available to anyone and everyone who could use it. I believe that if people are given the right information and helped to reach their own conclusions; they can make an outstanding success of their careers. I wasn’t planning on writing much about business start-up or self-employment yet as I got busy with this project I found people wanted to know more about that as well.

My main intention in starting the site was to provide free information to help people get better at writing their cover letters, preparing their CV or Resume and to understand what to do that really makes a difference in an interview.

3. You provide a number of services to your clients and visitors. What are the most popular requests or items that your clients want?

Interestingly the most requested information is about how to write cover letters, so I provide lots of different examples that can be copied. After that what people most want is to know the answers to interview questions; I have tons of information on that one including all the variations that are likely to come up.

The third thing that people want to know is how to describe themselves and their key strengths, so I answer that with lots of information plus access to free 'personality' tests that my readers can do quickly.

Finally, I also write lots of CVs and Resumes for clients.

4. The economic environment has changed for many of us over the past two years, certainly in the United States and probably in the United Kingdom, as well. What changes have you seen with the clients that you have worked with during this time in their search for different occupations?

The economic environment certainly has changed in the UK as well as the US, and the major impact has been that people are more worried than at any time I remember about their job security.

Part of what I try to do on my site is show people that can take charge of their own careers with a little forward thinking by working on their employability skills and making sure they are up to date. This also involves doing some 'market testing' from time to time, just to see how they really do measure up.

5. What do you find are the top five things that a person should consider in looking for different occupations?

Everybody has different needs from their career and the occupation should provide career satisfaction at the least but people should start their career change process by being clear in their minds about:

  • what you really enjoy doing;
  • what makes your work satisfying, great fun, fraught, or dull;
  • what you’re good at and want to continue doing;
  • what’s important to you;
  • and how your decisions affect those close to you.

6. How has the internet changed the way that your clients approach a career change? Is it involved in the process in any way? If so, how?

Of course the internet has changed just about everything because it allows job seekers unprecedented access to information which they should take advantage of, yet don't always. One of the most important ways to prepare for an interview is to research the organization first and the internet makes that possible.

The other aspect is that it can make people lazy and think that signing up for 'jobs by email' from Monster or somewhere similar is all they have to do to find a new job. WRONG – as I already said.

7. For those individuals considering different occupations would you tell us what you think are the best careers for consideration in the next few years starting in 2010?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the best careers for 2010 and beyond are those related to health and with the new emphasis on healthcare its easy to see why. These jobs include Biomedical Engineers, Personal Healthcare Aides and Skin Care Specialists. Also in the top 10 are Network systems and data communications which is expected to grow 23 percent from 2008 to 2018. All the top careers are listed on my website.

8. What is the best advice you can give someone who is considering to change careers? What do you what to make sure that people consider?

Changing career is a major life issue and care must be taken. Of course if its been forced on someone by layoffs or downsizing the motivation may be different, but please follow all the advice you can get and be clear that you have the skills and capacity to present a compelling case to a new employer in one's search for different occupations.

  • Work out how you will make your case come alive by preparing scenarios and stories that colorfully illustrate how your experience brings value and benefits to the new organization.
  • Be prepared for disappointment – you may not get there first time – but stay positive and don’t just give up. Move on to the next one right away.
  • Build up your network of people who can support, advise and challenge you; most people will be very pleased to help.
  • Get your CV or resume updated and reviewed by someone you respect.
  • Research potential businesses that may have the right type of opportunity, but are also likely to be consistent with your values.
  • Learn to ask some closing questions at interview so you can gauge whether the opportunity is right or simply ‘there’.
  • Make sure your writing skills are up to the task of producing not only excellent application cover letters, but also carefully crafted target letters for the direct approach to employers.
  • Be clear how you can access the ‘unadvertised’ jobs market to find hidden jobs, by networking, research and targeting.
  • Maintain your confidence and optimism and never quit, give up or give in – you know you can do it, so keep going till you get there.


Peter, I want to thank you for your time and contribution to an important subject. This is valuable information whether one is looking for the best retirement jobs or considering different occupations before retirement.

I would like to encourage our readers to learn more about Peter and his goal to help others find the best careers by visiting his website

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