Expand Your Horizon -
Zip Line or Not?

It is really worth it to expand your horizon.

The purpose of this page is to help you get a different view of the world and perhaps a different view of yourself. Is your view one of pampering yourself after retirement? Maybe that means traveling to a foreign land or basking on the beach. It might also mean that you finally have the time to try those engaging activities that you just were not able to before. When you stretch yourself physically and/or mentally, I believe your perception changes.

For instance, have your ever considered sky diving?

Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane does not seem like a reasonable thing to do. However, people do it every day. Even George H.W. Bush jumped on his 75th and 85th birthdays. I haven’t accomplished that task yet, but it seems that one would certainly experience mental and physical exercises with that feat. And what a feeling of accomplishment.

There are many more activities you can learn to do and participate in. Some may seem rather calm when first considered, but then when you get in there and actually try, you find it is absolutely exhilarating.

How about soaring on a Zip Line?

My approach to addressing my nervousness about heights was different. I found out that being strapped 30 to 80 feet above the ground strapped to a harness that was sliding down a zip line to be just the ticket. My family, including my son, Drew, and I had a great time. Soaring-Don_Tall-Timbers


Soaring Tree Top Adventures (soaringcolorado.com) is a company associated with Tall Timbers Lodge in the San Juan Mountains between Durango and Silverton, Colorado. You can experience an amazing canopy tour zip line adventure soaring among the Ponderosa Pines and aspen trees on 24 runs up to 1,400 feet long.

What a kick! This is one worth trying.

You could also stretch yourself taking college courses, learning a new language, volunteering overseas or starting a new business. It is your choice to discover your future.

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