Feature Comparison Matrix of Calculators for Retirement Financial Planning

by Alex
(California, USA)

Feature Comparison Matrix

Feature Comparison Matrix

Feature Comparison Matrix Major Calculators Being Compared Portion of One Input Table Retirement Calculator Depot

Retirement financial planning takes time and effort. One step that most people take is to evaluate online retirement calculators.

The Retirement Calculators Depot web site includes 18 different retirement risk calculators. By going to the Advisor tab on the menu, you will see the feature comparison matrix for all major free retirement risk calculators available online.

This matrix includes FireCalc and T Rowe Price calculators and the comparisons of more than 25 different useful, functional features of the various retirement risk calculators. This is a real constructive approach for an objective comparison of different calculators. This allows you to identify the quality of different calculators based on your needs.

Somebody can use this matrix by adding some weight to each listed feature and calculating the total weight for each analyzed calculator. The calculator that you determine to have the maximal total weight can be labeled as the "best" of those evaluated.

The Feature Comparison Matrix can be found on www.retrian.com.


Thanks Alex for your comments.

Alex has provided a site that gives a visitor a place to go to compare a number of retirement income calculators and retirement savings calculators.

Once one begins to look at retirement calculators online, it is apparent that one calculator will probably not fit all of your needs or meet the requirement for your particular situation. In that regard, Alex's point is well taken that it is beneficial to examine a number of the online calculators and evaluate for yourself whether each meets your needs. This matrix can be a good way to present the information for you to examine the capabilities of a number of calculators.

Note that the site mentioned by Alex has provide the capability to run a few samples of your data for free. In order to have continued access, modify various parameters and run additional versions of cases you can pay for one day access or subscribe to longer term access on a monthly bases for the type of calculator you wish to use.

Good luck on your retirement calculations and give us your feedback at the Visitor Reviews of Retirement Calculators page.

Don at ERJ.

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