Feed the Birds

by Bart

Sitting in the Sun - Feed the Birds<br>(Photo Courtesy of Alaskan Dude)

Sitting in the Sun - Feed the Birds
(Photo Courtesy of Alaskan Dude)

As a recent retiree, my plan it to take a trip to Argentina and feed the birds. I want to take time off to see people, see the cities and all that nature has to offer.

One of the best retirement jobs is really no job at all, but the joy of having the time to enjoy life. I ran across a picture that just really caught my eye. It the one that I have added above. It shows a man sitting in the sun selling bird seed. His customers are probably tourists and locals during lunch or a pleasant afternoon.

Can't you just feel it, I can. That is the feeling that I want. Taking in the surroundings and feeding the birds. That is got to be one of the coolest jobs that there is.

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