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Your Strategy Counts

I feel you need to have a strategy to find jobs online. Just like anything else, it takes hard work to succeed and you need a plan to help you along the way.

You may have gotten tired of the office job or the commute and you are ready for a change. Perhaps, the decision was made for you by your company and the traditional job market is so saturated with candidates that you are searching for a new approach.

It could be that you have been a dedicated worker for many years with a company, but now find yourself close to retirement and now in need of income. What are you going to do? What steps are you going to take?

The good news is that you have options!

1. Work for your current employer at home.

If you are currently employed and want that change to work from home, you may have a chance to do that. Numerous companies are looking to reduce their costs and help in the effort to reduce pollution, so they may indeed be open for you to work at home.

One idea to take is to approach your boss with a plan for you to work from home one or two days a week. With today’s electronic environment and the internet, that is possible. Suggest that it be done on a trial basis, perhaps three months. Then, you and your boss can review the level or productivity and communication during that time. Of course, you will be signing in on time or before you are required to and will communicate regularly with your supervisor. Show that you are not slacking off and do your work well. Now is your chance to prove you are a trusted, dedicated employee.

You are most likely to get approval for a longer test period or acceptance to the online role permanently.

2. Find companies organized for work at home.

Locate a company whose business structure is set up for its employees to have online jobs work at home. This is especially true for companies that perform customer service, accounting or writing/editorial services. You can find examples of this method in our section on Free Online Jobs.

Several online businesses need qualified experts to provide services to their customers. One such trusted website is actively searching for individuals that can have certifications or can demonstrate their expertise in certain subjects to provide answers for their customers. Do you know a great deal about Bankruptcy Law, Urology, Cadillac, Cameral and Video, Writing or Parenting? Then you might qualify to become an expert and earn an income from home.

3. Perform services for others through online connections.

Focus on your skills, experiences and interest. Determine what are your strongest skills and which ones are the most marketable online. Can you write? Are you a qualified editor? Do you have knowledge of programming? Have you started a business before? Can you answer the phone and be polite to attend to someone’s needs?

These are all good starting points to find jobs online. Dig deeper to find what you enjoy doing, as the most successful individuals are those that are doing things that they love to do -- it is their passion.

Some examples are shown here where one can learn how to become an entrepreneur or examine the success of these women entrepreneur.

4. Learn how to start an online business.

You don’t have to be a programmer to start an online business. You just need to have BAM = Brain, Attitude and Motivation. Search for things in which you have an interest. Most probably, there are ways to make money from being involve with that product or activity.

Hey, I only know about asphalt. That ok, because they are reputable dealers that have products that you can sell for them. If fact, you can use your experience and knowledge to find customers and market the products that the asphalt equipment manufacturer sells. You can arrange to get a percentage on each sale. This can all be done from home and is one of the many legitimate online jobs.

So you must decide if you want to:

Since 2000, more opportunities have appeared to find jobs online. The recession of 2008 - 2009 has thrust many out of the traditional office jobs and forced them to find alternatives. The truth is that there are many more new opportunities to work at home now than ever before. Do your homework, develop a strategy and find yours.

We have talked about four strategies. You should focus on one, but try others, as well. You decide! What is your strategy going to be to find jobs online?

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