FireCalc Review - Only a "1"

by Carola

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I would never recommend this calculator to anyone. It is cumbersome to navigate, it's confusing and for both times I've used it (I tried it twice to make sure I made no input errors). The results page made absolutely no sense. I can't figure out how this calculator came by the numbers it showed and its summary was the complete opposite of all the other calculators I've used for retirement planning.


I couldn't even find any "Pros" for this calculator, so here are more "Cons".


  • How to get to where information is entered is confusing due to the manner in which the fields are separated.

  • You have to skip all over the page to find and enter figures in the required fields, then scroll all the way down to click submit.

  • There was no field to account for monthly or annual investments that could continue into retirement.

I've used plenty of calculators and this was the worst of all. I give this calculator a 1.



We appreciate your input Carola. I guess we can say that you put this one at the bottom of the barrel.

There are quite a number of online retirement planning calculators out there and it seems that more are appearing every day. Feel free to submit your comments on others you find.

Don at ERJ.

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