Follow Your Dream
Wherever It Leads

Here we are. Now is the time to do what you have always wanted to do. Yes, it is time to follow your dream.

Follow Your Dreams
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What is your dream going to be? Are you looking to become a boomer entrepreneur in the business world or move in an entirely different direction. Maybe you have always thought of yourself as a creative person, but you routed your career in business because of the economic benefits for your family. Take time to investigate and pursue your creative side as a musician, painter, sculptor, writer or whatever else interests you.

One example would be one of my business colleagues who left the Information Technology world to learn glass blowing with the goal of opening a shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Blue Shutters, Santa Fe Opera, 1997
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Another idea is to improve your fine art skills with trip to Italy. Here you can live and work in the Italian mountains studying painting, digital photography, fresco or clay sculpture. The Abruzzi Mountain Art Workshop offers weeklong fine arts classes outside of Rome. Find our more at

Mountain Town, Anversa di Abruzzi, Abruzzo, Italy
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As long as you are traveling, why not look closer to home. Start at Pooler-Georgia-HOMEPAGE. Use this beautiful Website to find everything!.. Beginning in Pooler, Georgia: Local history, government, hotels, travel, real estate, news, jobs, religion, kidz zone, fine arts, dining, pets, technology & so much more! Look at its website:

If you are still figuring out what your dream is or know what it is, but don't see how to achieve it, then your might consider This site provides inspirational stories about real people and essential information for planning and living the active retirement that's right for you.

Career Tips, Tools and Advice for Newbies - Provides insight for the newbies pursuing career success with practical tips, tools and advice for a successful career, work and life. A site to help you achieve a career that has meaning to you.

You may want to become the genealogist for your family. The internet has made it easier to do your research. According to Genealogy Today, there are several groups of websites that they consider to be the Best Genealogy Sites:

  • Top Genealogy Site - Includes list of several sites, such as, that contains over 70,000 links in over 120 categories, the Electric Cemetery Home Page for data on the Civil War, tutorials in sites like Treasure Maps.
  • Worldwide Genealogy Topsites - A collection of websites around the world arranged in popular categories. They can give you a different perspective of what you consider the best genealogy sites.
  • Top 100 - This is a search engine for genealogy that indexes all the patronyms published on your site with the programs for conversion Gedcom to Html.
  • Top Surname Search Sites - Provides free access to online genealogy databases.
  • Genealogy Top List - Provides ranking of sites by the people entering that page.
  • Genlinks: Hotlist of genealogy sites - Listing that is updated every 60 days.

Have you always wanted to start your own business and be your own boss? Here are some thoughts to consider if you want to become a boomer entrepreneur or if you are interested in buying a franchise.

Inspirational-Business: Success
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For ideas about becoming an online entrepreneur, click here.

Search for it and follow your dream.

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