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Am I saying Google online jobs from home do exist? Yes, I am. But beware that Google has been used a great deal by scam artists to capture people’s personal information or upfront payments for some job that are not real.

Even though that Google has been the target for criminals for some time, it is important to know that Google does actually hire people to work online jobs from home. Real online jobs for Google do exist. As a reputable business, Google does not ask for upfront payments in order to be offered a job. They do not offer “kits” for use by individuals for a work from home set up.

Go Directly to Google

The best way to identify the Google online jobs from home is to go directly to the Google website for jobs. To be sure that you truly find Google jobs, go to, then About Google at the bottom of the page, the Jobs at Google under the section identified as “Our Company”. There you are. You will find where they have locations all over the world. You may even find that they have a location near you.

To dig down into it for U.S. residents, click on the all U.S. Locations link at the bottom of the page. The last time I checked they had 22 locations in 17 states plus Washington D.C. By clicking on the bottom link - Multiple locations (Includes telecommuting), you will find the departments that are currently looking for individuals. Investigate and see if one of those matches your skills and qualifications.

Here is an example for one job in the Advertising and Sales Support Group that was open at the time of this article. The Technical Operations section is looking for an Ads Quality Rater for English language for a temporary assignment.

Let me give you the description as provided by Google:

“As an Ads Quality Rater, you will be responsible for reporting and tracking the visual quality and content accuracy of Google advertisements. Ads Quality Raters use an online tool to examine advertising-related data of different kinds and provide feedback and analysis to Google. Projects worked on may involve examining and analyzing text, web pages, images, and other kinds of information.

You will need an in depth and up-to-date familiarity with English-speaking web culture and media. Additionally, you will apply this knowledge to a broad range of interests and topics. Ads Quality Raters possess excellent written communication skills and web analytic capabilities. You will be required to work 10-20 hours a week on a self-directed schedule.”

It provided the requirements for the jobs, as well. They were:

  • Fluency in English.
  • Extensive familiarity with U.S. culture and media.
  • BA/BA degree or equivalent experience.
  • Excellent web research and analytical capabilities.
  • High speed internet connection.
  • Valid U.S. work authorization.

To apply in most cases, Google wants you to send in a text (SCCII) or HTML version of your resume to their jobs email address specified on their site.

Now you know that you are dealing directly with Google and no one else.

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