Home Office Design Ideas

Are you looking for great home office design ideas? Here are some thoughts to get you off to the right start. It doesn’t matter which room your are wanting to use as your office, some basic considerations are needed. A well organized office space is essential for the right atmosphere for success.

Step 1 - Determine what functions you want to perform as you go about designing a home office.

Look at what your are going to do, that is, what are your tasks. Some that you may need to perform in your home office are:

  • Use the computer to access the internet
  • Make phone calls
  • Send and/or receive faxes
  • Prepare letters or other documents
  • Send packages or other items for mailing
  • Keep track of accounting and bookkeeping activities
  • Send invoices
  • Visit with your clients and potential customers.
Evaluate all of the tasks that you will be performing and then decide on which is the most important.

Then, define the top five. Be sure that you consider these top five tasks as you work on your home office design ideas.

Step 2 - Decide on which tools you will need to perform the tasks you have identified, especially the top five tasks.

Get an feel for the space requirements of the tools you will need and begin to envision how you will place them in as you go about designing a home office. Some of these tools could be:

  • Office desk or table
  • Office chairs and lamps
  • Telephone and accessories, include a speakerphone, headset and answering machine
  • Computer and associated equipment such as printer, keyboard, monitors, speakers
  • Copier, scanner and fax machines or an all-in-one machine
  • Packaging equipment for shipping
  • File boxes or cabinets
  • Desk organizing items, such as shelving and bins
  • Cabinets or shelving to store reference and/or sales material
Step 3 - Determine your work environment. Examine whether you need to consider any special feature in your home office design.

Once you know what you need and you have a space for everything, then you should determine it these tools have any special environmental or physical requirements. Some possibilities are:

  • Electrical outlets - Do you have sufficient quantity and are they located at the point where they are needed.
  • Lighting - Do you have sufficient quantity of lights and are positioned for optimal work. This is a key element and should be evaluated thoroughly.
  • Noise abatement - Is the noise level controllable by use or doors, adding insulation or adding carpet or other features.
  • Climate conditions - Is there adequate ventilation.
One final consideration is to make the space yours. Without filling it with too many distractions, place your favorite family photos, artwork and plants in the best locations. Consider some soothing music, but no televisions. Make the space yours.

These home office design ideas should help you get off to the right start as you begin your new business. Keep your mind open for ways to continually improve your work area, but don’t forget to spend time working too.

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