How To Become An Entrepreneur
- Using the Internet

Internet Entrepreneur

Follow the steps to learn how to become an entrepreneur. Using any definition, entrepreneur characteristics start with your desire. You can become one too.

"We only do well
the things we like doing."

~ Colette

Considering its definition, entrepreneur is one who usually organizes, manages and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. Some dictionaries even state that such a person takes on greater than normal financial risks in order to operate that business.

Going to a thesaurus, you could even find synonyms like speculator, tycoon, wheeler-dealer, hustler, mogul, high flyer. You might also find: businesswoman, businessman, idea man/person.

For our purposes here, I will be talking about an internet entrepreneur. In doing so, I believe that the risk elements can be reduced significantly. The hard work is still required, but the risk is not a significant as a brick and motor store.

This Section on How To Become An Entrepreneur also includes:
That brings us to consider the thesaurus. For our purposes, we are talking about the latter synonyms: businesswoman, businessman and idea man/person. What you need is the idea and the desire, the passion to proceed.

Since you are here on this page reading, I will assume that you are interested in learning more about internet entrepreneurs. Here are my steps on how to become an entrepreneur for your consideration:

  1. Formulate an idea based on your desires/passions.
  2. Develop a plan.
  3. Estimate your costs.
  4. Start -- and work your plan.

The Kauffman Foundation of Entrepreneurship has developed a really good video on the Entrepreneur's Pledge. Take a look. Can you make this pledge?

(Video courtesy of Kauffman Foundation of Entrepreneurship)

That's it!

What is great about the internet is that the costs to start your entrepreneurial career are relatively small. There are a number of different ways to approach it, but I want to share with you what I did and how anyone with or without prior programming experience can do it.


I want to show you examples of individuals who have been successful using Site Build It (SBI), including myself. As a registered affiliate of SBI, I do earn a small commission should anyone that I introduce to SBI decide to purchase its services. The fact is that I truly believe in the SBI approach and feel it is beneficial for anyone, who has an interest in working on the internet, to evaluate.

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Internet Entrepreneurs

To become a famous entrepreneur and a successful one on the internet, you don't chase customers with tele-marketing and emails or even costly advertising. No, instead the new internet entrepreneurs build a name for themselves, provide value and put themselves right where their customers want to go.

Part of their plan is to build a business without investing a significant amount of money. Sure, one needs to get set up on the internet with the right tools, and guidance. But once you have formulated your plan on the topic or subject matter you are to be involved in, then you start building value for your customers. The new internet entrepreneurs understand that you must develop their own credibility. It is not something that can be bought.

The qualities that internet entrepreneurs have and share with their readers are their:

  • Brain
  • Attitude
  • Motiviation

As long as you have these, you can succeed. Of course, part of the plan is to make money. But before one can take the step to monetize, the internet entrepreneur must build information, value and credibility, so their visitors will want to become customers. These are key steps to discover how to become an entrepreneur.

Does it Work?

Yes, it does. In my own opinion, this is the best entrepreneur source you will find to develop an e-business. You can do more than just build a website. Want to learn how to become an entrepreneur and build your e-business?

It helps me to think about it this way. The way to end up with a strong rope that can be use to tow a ship or pull someone to safety, is to start with a single thread. Twist the thread and it becomes stronger. Do that with another thread, then twist them together and it gets stronger still. Continue that process and the threads get bigger and bigger until they become a rope -- Strong and dependable. That is the Solo Build It process. One thread is the hosting platform. Another is the Action Guide to help you develop a plan. A third thread is the Brainstorm tool to evaluate keyword alternatives. And it continues. There are just so many threads that Solo Build It provides that you will end up with a strong, dependable, successful e-business -- as long as you twist the threads together.

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