How to Register Domain Name -
Beginning of How To
Make Web Site Successful

Learn how to register domain name and start the process of understanding how to make web site or blog.

So you want a web site or a blog. Great! Welcome to the wonderful world of the internet.

It doesn't matter if you have been surfing around the web for a while or just beginning the process, you can build your own site or blog easily. I will walk you through one of the steps and tell you how to register domain name.

The first true step is to figure out whether you want a blog or a website. I have discussed both on my how to start a website page and how to start a blog page.

As I stated in our discussion regarding the domain name definition, you should fully evaluate your topic, niche or subject matter first. You should decide if you want a blog to post comments on one or numerous subjects that are organized by the date the posts were made. This more like a magazine or newsletter. It could be trips you have taken, how you go about saving money or other such topics.

If you want to talk about a subject, like the best vacation spots, you could develop a website that is organized by topic, not date posted. In this matter there is a content structure to your site.

How-to-register-domain-name-1 In either case, you should evaluate and decide on a site host BEFORE you register your domain name. Some host sites include the cost of registering and managing your domain name in the cost of the hosting.

Steps to Take

  1. Research availability of domain names at sites, such as,,,, and just to name a few. There are many other reputable domain registration sites.

  2. Try various alternatives, including adding "my", "the" or "best" in front of your keywords, if the name is taken.

  3. For a commercial site, it is best to get a ".com" suffix. Otherwise, ".net", ".biz" are all acceptable.

  4. Work through your web host, if at all possible, to obtain and secure your domain name. If makes it easier for you initially and in the long run.

  5. You can usually register the domain name for a period of one year or longer. Unless you are a well established business, I would recommend that you just go with one year. Your host will remind you when you get close to renewal period.

Rented Domain Name

People may ask "Who owns a domain name?" Actually, the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) owns it. You are just renting or leasing the rights to the name for the period agreed to from one of the domain name providers. So it does not matter who owns domain name, because you get to use it when you acquire it through the registrar sites.


Say I go to and type in "gardeninginsights" in the search tool. It tells me that .com is taken, but .net, ,org, .biz and many others are available. It also provides some suggestions for alternative names, such as, , or You get to choose what you want from the available list.

How-to-register-domain-name-2 By the way, you should get the same results on availability from each of the domain name registration sites.

Once you see that the name you want is available, then go to your chosen web host, sign up with them and select you domain name within their selection process. You already know that the name you want is available, so it is just point and click.

That's it. You are off to a great start in your process to learn how to make web site or blog. And it all begins with knowing how to register domain name.

Good luck and let me know how it goes. I am available to help if you need any assistance. Just Contact Me here.

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