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Find how to start a blog and make money online.

Blog by using free blog sites, or almost free, to allow you to communicate about your passion and share with others in an easy and cost effective manner.

A blog definition according to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary is ”a website that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer.”

Why Use a Blog

Let’s consider what opportunities you have to use it after you learn how to start a blog. If you want to build a business, figure out what is your passion and use that as the basis. Might as well work on a subject that you really enjoy. If you do not want to build a business and are considering using the internet as a hobby, then I believe you should still focus on your passion. That is where you hobby will lead you anyway. It helps if you involve your interests as you learn how to build a blog.

What can you do with a blog? The answer is “anything you want”. The most common approach is to start talking about your passion, your favorite subject. Since you have already spent time thinking, building, repairing, researching, listening, learning and understanding, then now you are ready to share your knowledge. Finish learning how to start a blog and then get one going.

You could begin with the top 5 things that you love about your topic. That is a great way to learn how to start a blog. What are the most challenging aspects of starting off in this field. Where can others go to gain more knowledge and research. After all, you most probably want to share your joy with others and hope that they find your topic so interesting and fun that they would want to learn more.

Are there prominent individuals that you could talk about that enjoy the same topic. Perhaps you could interview them by email and share your discussion with your visitors. What current events fit right in with your topic.

There are so many areas in which you may want to give your thoughts and ask for comments by your visitors. The communication world is changing so much and many people are willing and wanting to share their knowledge and passion with others. Many individuals want to build their brand and a blog is a great way to do that. Since the content on a blog changes frequently, this then increases the ability for people to find you through Internet searches.


One great part of learning how to start a blog is that it is so inexpensive, matter of fact you can find free blog sites. Just put in “free blog sites” into Google and you will come up with an enormous list. Most blog platforms are either free or under $10/month. So it doesn’t break the bank to get started. Of course, you have to choose which blog platform to use and a template for your page setup. If have an interest is a blog, but don’t want to make the commitment quite yet, you might consider my free offer to you in the next paragraph.

Your Free Mini-Site

We will provide you with a mini-site for free for you to try out your blogging skills. This is one of the easiest free blog sites available. A page will be set up within this website that will be dedicated to YOU. You can comment on your passion, tell you friends and family and ask them to give you feedback directly by forms placed on the mini-site. Of course, All content must be "G-Rated", as no adult material will be accepted. We thank you for your cooperation. Your first will be considered your home page and additional ones will be added to each upon submission. Each page you submit will be reviewed before publishing. What a great opportunity for you to test our blogging skills and content in an easy and free manner.

All you need to do is submit your first page by clicking here to move to our Mini-Site Page Submission Form. Once you reach the form, just fill out the information and submit your written material, photos or videos for publishing on your mini-site.

Which Blog Platform to Use

When you are ready to go out on your own, the choice is yours. Some of the most popular today are Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, Typepad, and Blogsmith. There are a number of others available and your research may lead you to the best one for you. Most all of these make it easy to figure out how to start a blog.

We feel two of the best and most popular are Wordpress and Tumblr. Most consider Wordpress to be the established leader in the field. Setup usually requires a few more step to get your content published, but it is not considered difficult to do. It provides a great archive system that allows easy access to all of your posting for your visitors. Its search capability makes it easy. It has some great free blog templates for their themes to design your pages. If you go to, you can download Wordpress to get started, but you will need to find a web host to publish your blog. The other alternative is to go to and get the web host included in your account.

Tumblr is very easy to use and has a straightforward design. Photos and videos can be posted on both of these platforms; however, Tumblr has free blog templates that are designed especially for text, one designed for photos, one designed for video, another for music and one for links. So they make it simple. Another great feature is that Tumblr will host your domain name for free, a great savings tool.

First, You have to buy the name that you want from one of the domain name providers. If you choose, then you can identify yourself that way in Tumblr, instead of By using Wordpress, you can elect to do the same thing; however, you have to pay hosting fees to be able to use, rather than

Tumbr can “reblog”. This is a great advantage to building your brand and getting your site out to others. When you want to tell others about a story you have read on Wordpress, you have to write a new post. But on Tumblr, when someone sees a story that they want to share with others, they can hit a button near the story that entitled “reblog”. That tumbles the story. Quick, direct action to spread the word is just what is needed in the communication world to succeed.

Use Action Features

One you have learned how to start a blog, be sure that your visitors have the capability to “follow” you with buttons selecting further communication from you. This is an important element in the user interface for your blog. You want your visitors to have a way to easily get more information from you and become repeat visitors. You want “Follow Me”, “Become a Fan”, Subscribe to my E-mail” capabilities.

Use Share Features

Other capabilities that you want to have available to your visitors are buttons that let them share your publication with others in their social networks. These are “Digg”, “StumbleUpon”, “Facebook”, “Yahoo Buzz”, “Twitter”, and others, such as those that I have at the bottom of this page and all others on our website.

It doesn't matter if you are looking for retirement jobs or not even close to retirement, you can find out how to start a blog and have fun. We hope you found these steps helpful.

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