Will iPad Apps
Change News Publishing?

On February 2, 2011, the newest of iPad apps was unveiled by Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corp. and Eddy Cue, VP of Internet Services for Apple. They introduced “The Daily” as the first news application that was specifically designed for the iPad.

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This publication was built from the ground up to provide up-to-date technology in a format that complements the content and the presentation vehicle to enhance the user’s experience. It was built to take advantage of all that the iPad has to offer.

You will see 360 degree photos, and graphics that respond to the touch. Videos are embedded to provide a unique take on an article. The look and feel is fantastic. You can quickly jump from one section to another or scroll through the carousel to get a visual and print preview of the page. Color is everywhere.

You can tailor your experience to follow the content that you want, from sports teams to weather to airlines. Audio portions allow you to hear stories read aloud. Certain portions of the content can be shared easily via Facebook, Twitter and email with a touch on the screen.

It does not feel like a newspaper, but it provides new information daily and is even updated DURING the day.


Instead of being a publication presented by the publisher for direct subscriptions, this news service is specifically designed for iPad’s users (in the millions). The process for charging for the service is completely new to the news publishing, in that users are automatically charged to the subscriber’s credit card at the iTunes store. It has developed the idea of push subscription function.

Many iPad apps are free and others can be obtained for a small charge. The Daily will charge $0.99 per week for a subscription or $39.99 per year. More details on the application are available at The Daily website.

Newspapers have been having a difficult time as the free internet news has become available online for free. Even though this news service is not free, it taps into the millions of iPad users at a time when more business and personal applications are being developed for use.

More competitors of Apple’s iPad are being released every day, as the consumers’ desire for news, information and entertainment continues to grow in the digital world. No doubt that The Daily’s applications will be developed for use on these other tablets and portable digital devices as well.


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