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The best retirement jobs are the jobs after retirement that fill your passion and kick the daylights out of the retirement income calculator.

The economy has a drag on jobs as started during 2010. It remains to be seen just how that may change in the future. However, you can still find jobs after retirement that give you the satisfaction and financial benefits you want. It takes effort, but so does anything worthwhile. If one follows their passion, then you can indeed end up with the best retirement jobs.

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Would you consider that a job boom for boomers may be in our future? According to a report released by Barry Bluestone and Mark Melnik for the Kitty and Michael Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy in Boston at Northeastern University, it is coming. The Bank Investment published an article on March 24, 2010 providing an overview of the Bluestone/Melnik report.

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In the report entitled "After the Recovery: Help Needed", the authors used data from the Congressional Budget Office and they concluded that from 5 million to 5.7 million jobs will need to be filled during 2008 and 2018. Their data shows that 14.6 million new non-farm jobs will be created, while ONLY 9.1 million additional workers will fill the available positions.

Bluestone feels that young men and women coming out of college will find good job opportunities during that period. And the baby boomer generation will also see fantastic opportunities since they will be such a large part of the work force during that period.

Of course, one area with the largest increase is the social sector. In this case, that is defined as health care and social assistance, education services, nonprofit community and religious organizations, and government. He expects 6.9 million jobs to be created with approximately 4.3 million additional workers expected to fill these positions. That leaves 2.4 to 2.6 million potential jobs vacant.

He expects to see an increase in labor force participation by the baby boomers from 64.5% in 2008 to about 68.1% in 2018 because they will be needed and many do want to continue to work. If that hold true, then many companies will have to restructure jobs to make them more appealing to senior workers.

This job boom could help many who were drastically impacted by the recession. We all use the many retirement income calculators like Wallet Pop, Firecalc®, T Rowe Price and others to determine if we will have enough to live on for our retirement period. Wouldn't it be nice to feed the data into the retirement income calculator and get the answer that surpasses your goal even more than you thought?

Come on job boom!

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