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Working After Retirement

Arguably, finding jobs for retirees that earn income can be challenging. But by using your Knowledge, evaluating your Decision, focusing on your Desire and keeping the right Attitude, you can succeed. People do it everyday.

Working after retirement can fill many needs. Always remember that you and the people around you will be happier, if you FIND YOUR PASSION.

Of course, jobs for retirees do not just appear. It takes work to search them out. But with the tools available today, you can make the contacts, build your message, locate the openings and sell your skill set. Your attitude and depth of real life experiences presented with a positive attitude go a long way in achieving your goal.

How can you tell what best careers are for those in retirement seeking traditional employment? It seems that there are many areas that are in demand as jobs for seniors.

"Retired is being twice tired, I've thought.
First tired of working,
Then tired of not."

~ Richard Armour

"You can't turn back the clock. But you can wind it up again."

~ Bonnie Pruden

According to a publication by the Urban Institute on July 23, Get Unstuck & Get Going - a powerful self-coaching tool for personal and professional breakthroughs
2008, the occupations that employ an above-average percentage of workers age 55 or older rely on an educated workforce. These areas include financial advisors, veterinarians, social and community service managers, surveyors, environmental scientists and geologists. Others include registered nurses, postsecondary teachers, archivists, curators, social workers, management analysts, pharmacists, counselors and business operations specialists. Personal and home care aides are the fastest growing area that is friendly to senior workers. Some jobs might require additional schooling and/or training. Other areas such as animal trainers, locksmiths and brokerage clerks are less dependent on academic credentials. Read the Urban Institute article about finding a job by clicking here.

Job Search Engines


Probably, the most visible approach to search for those 8 to 5 jobs today is to use job search engines on the internet. There are many that are readily available that have been used by people in successful job searches for the best careers after retirement.

We have provided listings and descriptions of a number of these to assist you in finding the right job for you.

Head Hunters

Find the head hunters or recruiters near you that focus on your chosen profession. Put together that resume and fine tune it. The head hunters can help you understand what skills are currently needed and what companies are hiring. Whether you want a temp job or full time, this approach is worth using in your mix. With their existing relationships, the head hunters are another mechanism to find jobs for retirees.

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Professional Networking

The tried and true process of using Professional Networking still works in finding a job. Join or re-join those professional organizations you were involved in during your career. Find individuals through company alumni websites, such as those provided by a site for you to discover professional contacts within numerous organizations. One great example is that of Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) at One has to be a member to login, but you get the idea.

Sign up for, which is a site for you to discover professional contacts within numerous organizations. You can build a network on individuals that can be a great source of information to reach your goal of working after retirement. Be sure to always ask them "Is there anything that I can do for you?" Pay it forward.

Social Networking

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Just as your professional contacts can be helpful in your search for retirement income, Social Networking is a great tool to use to obtain jobs for retirees, especially in this day and age. Don't overlook it.

How can you take advantage of it? Join and, as well as You will begin to see how you can find others to help and that can help you. Use all of the tools available when looking for jobs for retirees. If you are interested in seeing how popular some social network sites are, visit our Social Networking Statistics page.

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Resume Writing

You still need a resume to find jobs for seniors and soon to be seniors. The rules have changed over the past several years, so be sure to dig deeper to find all of the requirements to ensure that your resume is flagged as one to be set up for further review. A number of techniques can be employed to move yours to the correct stack. Click here for our advice for the best resumes.

Once you get that call or email to arrange an interview, be sure to prepare for it in the best possible manner. I have come across a website that is really worth looking at as you prepare for your interview. It is" A veteran executive recruiter provides job interview tips, true stories, and best methods to succeed in preparing for an interview.

Answer Questions for Others

If you feel you have a skill and extensive experience in a subject like French, Math, Hove Security Systems, Camera and Video, Veterinary, Pediatrics, Mental Health, Cars, or Law, they you could qualify to become an expert and help individuals that are seeking professional answers to their questions. In one of the great jobs for retirees, you would earn money by helping them at this trusted online source.

Other ideas for finding the Best Retirement Jobs are discussed here.

Of course, jobs for retirees do not just appear. It takes work to search them out. But with the tools available today, you can make the contacts, build your message, locate the openings and sell your skill set and attitude to the employer for the job that makes you happy.

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