Making of a Genius

by Harsh Vardhan
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

I am a software engineer in a multinational company. There is still time left for my retirement, but the reason I am focused about my job after retirement is that I am from a country where everyone is not literate and do not have enough money to support their children's education.

When I graduated I used to teach my maid's children to read and write English, Mathematics, etc. I used to come home and teach them in the evening using my books from previous school years. These days I do not have time to do the same during the day but I teach neighborhood maids and their kids on weekends.

I can also devote time to teach with my job, but the stress level of the job is such that it does not permit to do so. Also I have a family to look after and take care of and family is the most important thing for me. So I take out time in the weekend for teaching.

I am not very affluent but will have enough money for my life after retirement. I will also have enough time that I earlier dedicated for my job to put in to educate and help these people. After retirement I will have plenty of time to dedicate to my family and at the same time for my dream of educating people.

My maid has two children who are sharp and can have a bright future, but she does not have that much money to send them to a school for higher certification. So I have decided that I will pay for their fee. Though my dreams are very big to open a school, but being a software engineer, I can’t afford it. But still I can help those who have this gift of being a genius but a having a curse of poverty.

So in my opinion I am helping my country in development because we all know that the future is in the hands of children. And there are a lot of talents hidden everywhere in this world, but the only thing needed is a little guidance and support. The world will become a better place to live when you know that everyone around you is educated and well mannered. Everybody has the talent of earning, no matter what path he chooses.

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