Medical Transcriptionist Jobs -
Legitimate Positions

Medical transcriptionist jobs can help you get started on your work at home strategy. First, we should talk about the definition of medical transcription, so we have the same understanding.

Doctors and others need medical records transcribed from dictated means to written records. This could involve patient history, physical reports, operating reports, consultation notes, clinic reports, laboratory reports or letters. Usually, the transcriptionist receives dictation by digital system or tapes. She normally uses headphones or earphones and a control pedal. Various word processing programs can be used along with a modem for internet access.

Now that we have identified what it is, let’s talk about what it is not. It is not one of the online medical billing jobs, that has been used by scam artists and has been highly publicized.

What Next?

Before beginning the process of looking for medical transcriptionist jobs, one must make sure that you have the appropriate medical transcriptionist training. If you do not have experience, one good approach is to investigate your local community college. They usually have courses by which you can receive the appropriate training. Without the knowledge and skills, you will be at a disadvantage and may not locate employment.

Don’t go for any email advertisement for medical transcriptionist training. It is best to search them out yourself. In addition to community colleges, look at vocational schools or on-the-job-training through transcriptions services.

How Do You Want to Work?

1. Hospital - You can contact hospitals or medical practices to see if they need staff to help in the office. In this case, you may be employed by the hospital or practice directly.

2. National, regional or local companies - You could communicate with know companies nearby or elsewhere and sign up for their program of working for them from home. You may find that they may even pay part of the FICA tax that an independent contract usually has to pay.

3. Self-employed - You market your services to various clients and bill them directly. In this case, you are an independent contractor and are liable for all benefits and taxes.

More and more, medical transcriptionist jobs allow one to work from home and deliver the results to the client or employer through the internet. Search out this possibility in your area and you just might find jobs online that meet your needs.

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