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Ever wanted to try your ideas at mini sites before you commit to a web host? Now you can test website ideas or learn how to create a blog using free web site hosts.

Go directly to "Your Own Mini Site" form by clicking here.

If you have always wanted to set up a website, you now have the opportunity to do so using our free web site hosts. We have set up a process by which you can send in your content for your blog or website and we will publish it for you. That content will appear on you own niche mini site within our site,

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You can develop your own topic about retirement or other ideas and build your site here right within Your contributions can be "off-topic", such as, pictures of your dog, your favorite classic car or your prize winning chili recipe. Then invite all of your friends and relatives to view your niche site.

There is no cost to you, except your time to develop your ideas, photos or videos. Just submit each page you want added to your mini site by filling out the form below. Add as many pages as you want without paying for a host, domain name, software or other fees.

1. The first page will be set up as your “Home Page”. All you need to do is add one line to the large "Place Your Content Here" box below: "Make this page into my own Mini Site home page." Just copy and paste this line in. Then continue to type your content.

"People can be divided into three groups: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened."

~ John Newbern

"You can be young without money, but you can't be old without it."

~ Tennessee Williams

2. Subsequent submissions will be added to your niche site through links off of your Home Page. You can set up multiple niche sites, if you wish. The key is to ensure that you name your submission as a separate site and advise us that you wish to set up an additional “Home Page”. All additional pages submitted must clearly identify which site you wish to add the submission page. You can include a picture and/or video with each submission.

3. Should you include a video, please first write a 30-word or longer paragraph explaining your video, then paste your "embed code" from YouTube, Google Video or another video sharing website. Place both the paragraph and embed code in the Large Box for your submission.

IMPORTANT: Your video embed code will not work if you don't precede it with a descriptive paragraph.

4. You can try your hand at a travel blog, product blog for business or website format to supplement your brick and mortar store. Free blog sites are available here. Tell us all about your passion and let your family and friends know your URL by forwarding them the email that we send you when your page is published. Other visitors to our site can view your pages as well.

5. Of course, All content must be "G-Rated", as it will be reviewed before publishing and no adult material will be accepted. We thank you for your cooperation.

To start the process, please fill in form below to submit your first page to YOUR OWN MINI SITE.

For those that want to investigate all of the elements to set up your own website outside of Enjoy Retirement Jobs, please go to our Start a Website page.

You may not be close to retirement age or you may be looking for great retirement jobs. In either case, you too can participate by just filling in the form.


Want Your Own Mini Site For Your Blog or Test Website?

Do you want to publish your own content for free? Maybe you want to try out your blog or set up a test website or just share items with your friends and relatives. Share it with us and we will publish it for you!

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