Nanotechnology Researcher

by Stephen
(Front Royal, VA USA)

In order to maintain a technical savvy mind and to help others with quality of life, I am planning on moving into the nanotechnology field, specializing in biological medicine.

My background allows me to make this transition without significant supplement to my education. My objective is to help all living individuals, especially seniors enjoy life independently in sound health, mobility, mentality and appearance.

I would like for those my age and older to have the same quality of health that I possess.

There have been books, web sites and other publications on advanced medical technologies to treat chronic diseases, repair damaged body tissue, rejuvenate bodies and even extend life by many decades. Currently, one instance of nanotechnology is cancer treatment. A certain nanotechnological chemical can ensure proper delivery of a certain cancer drug directly to the tumor cells.

Such a researching job would involve additional in-depth study, problem solving and experimentation. I look forward to gaining insight in treating conditions and finding successful approaches to various problems. Working with qualified physicians would be part of the reward.

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