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Our News Quiz section is here to provide you with the best and latest on relevant topics from United States newspapers, business newspapers, technical improvements and many other issues for all, especially retiree or those nearing retirement.

One day you may find the latest in the political polls addressing a critical issue, like heath care or the 2012 elections. On the next day you may find financial discussions on social security or how Money Market Funds are being regulated.

There is so much information available today through the internet, social networking, cable news, local news, network news, traditional hardcopy newspapers, magazines and such, that it can be overwhelming. We hope to provide you with a filter to present topics and issues that we feel are pertinent to your world today and in the future.

We will concentrate on United States newspapers, business newspapers (both hardcopy and online) covering retirement topics, impact of technology on our lives and future, as well as fun and exciting off-topic items from time to time.

"If you don't read the newspaper, you are uninformed; if you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed."

~ Mark Twain

"I do not like to get the news, because there has never been an era when so many things were going so right for so many of the wrong persons."

~ Ogden Nash

To start us off on a high note for our news quiz, I feel that we should all know about our national debt. It is getting worse by the minute, as you can see by the US Debt Clock. Please keep this in mind and press your representatives in the House and Senate to do their duty to reduce the deficit.

For you to get easy access to the news you are interested in, we have categorized some of the key topics on our news quiz, so you can find those topics directly by the following links:

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Our most recent topics

Do you think that news publishing is changing right before our eyes? News Corp. and Apple have teamed up to provide a new iPad app to gain access to "The Daily", written specifically for the iPad and published daily. Take our poll and provide your views on the future of news publishing.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, you will be amazed at the changes you will see in the year 2011. See our summary of an article from weekly newsletter of published on July 31, 2010.

On February 12, 2010 Fox News interviewed Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D) of Ohio regarding his proposal to temporarily reduce the retirement age to 60 in order to provide job opportunities for those currently unemployed. View the video and provide your input to our poll as to whether your agree or disagree with his plan.

  • Money Market Funds Withdrawal Ruined by the SEC:

One item for our news quiz that everyone, whether you are retired or not even close to retirement, should be aware of is the January 2010 vote by the Securities and Exchange Commission to suspend redemption of Money Market Funds under extraordinary circumstances. At this point, it is unclear as to the full impact, but it is a scary thought as to what could happen now that the financial institutions have been given authority to keep you from getting your money.

See how this ruins Money Market Investor's Plan for Withdrawals.

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