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Looking for a nurse entrepreneur? Follow these nursing entrepreneurs and develop your own entrepreneurship success stories.

One might not normally think of using nurse and entrepreneur in the same sentence, but because of the internet, it is becoming more common. Remember, that the background of a person doesn't matter, as anyone can be an internet entrepreneur. Matter of fact, one can get amazing perspectives from someone who has come from a different background.

How to Start

You may be wondering just how does someone with a background of caring for others make the move to nurse entrepreneurship. The key is that one must have three elements: Brain (knowledge), Attitude (Positive) and Motivation.

With these elements one can start your business as an internet entrepreneur by developing your plan and by building content. The way to succeed is to build a reputation by following your plan and providing value to your readers.


Here are a couple of examples of entrepreneurship success stories for nurses.



Marlene Griffin is a nurse who continues to help others through her website. Marlene created her website to provide reliable, well-researched, up-to-date information about health and wellness issues from a nurse's point of view.

As she started her website, she did not have enough time to begin to develop her dream because of her day job as a nurse and her other commitments. So she took advantage of one of the services offered by SBI, "Do-It-For-Me". She used a SiteSell Services Specialist to get her started in the site-building process. The specialist helped her with the keyword research and even built her first 30 pages, based on her direction. That was just what was needed to take over and continue the development of her online business,

This nurse entrepreneur used one of the several techniques to build her business. It was such a great story that it became of those featured in the case studies from SBI.

You can choose to "Do-It-Yourself" or hire SiteSell Services to do a small consultation or build your website to the extent you want. Your choice.

Whichever direction you decide to go, rest assured that you have a full team behind you to answer questions, provide guidance and help you succeed.



Suzanne Prochaska did not have an easy start, as she had to overcome a number of personal setbacks, but she persevered has become quite a success.

She has taken her knowledge and interest in a number of different areas and has built herself quite a business. In addition to, she now owns and operated the following sites:

  • (Depression Glass and Vintage Glass)

Suzanne is one nurse who has made quite an impact, as demonstrated by the ranking of two of her websites in the top 1% of all websites.

Opportunity Knocks

Many have done it and you can too. With the clearly identified process, you can move forward to become a successful internet entrepreneur.

It is all in front of you -- just see what it can do for you.

The Solo Build It model has been very successful, especially when compared with other web development tools. such as Yahoo Web Hosting Pro and 1+1 Websitebuilder Plus. If you still have questions and want to learn more without any obligation, please feel free to contact Solo Build It staff and owners here, to answer you questions.

Solo Build It! 2.0Use your skills, knowledge, attitude and motivation to help others and help yourself. Find out more on our How to Start a Website page.

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