to Upload Images
and Resize Photos can help you in your jobs after retirement or even if you are not retired. Resize photos and adjust them the way you want for publication or family. It is a picnic to use.


Effective April 13, 2012, was closed as a result of its acquisition by Google. Its tools have been moved to Google +.

If you want to resize photos or images to get the right dimensions and file size for your website, then this application can help. It can be a problem if your images are too large for your website. To make the adjustment, all you need is a computer, access to the internet and an image or photo.

Here are the steps you need to take to make adjustments to your photos:

  1. Call up on your computer. It provides a free basic service to upload put to 5 photos at a time. They do have a Premium section that cost $24.95/year, that equates to $2.08/month. For the Premium service you can upload 100 photos or graphics at a time. You will also receive access to professional grade photo editing tools, limitless photo history, fullscreen editing and many other features.

  2. Register on their home page and then sign in.

  3. Click on the Library tab and pick the location of your photo. Just go to Upload if you already have your photo on your computer. Select your photo file.
  4. PicnikLib1.jpg

  5. After your photo is uploaded, click on the Edit tab. Now you can do many things here. Several options for you are to rotate, crop or adjust in several ways. Get it like you want it and click on the Resize button.

  6. You now have reached the most important feature in this group, in my opinion. You can see the current dimensions of your photo, i.e., 150 x 122 (width and length). Change the photo size by changing the numbers in the text field. Your new sized photo appears. If you want, you can keep the proportions or photo percentages. You can also change the length and width separately.
  7. PicnikResize2.jpg

  8. Determine how large you want your photo to appear on the web page. Resize the image to meet your needs. Remember that a large photo does not always make the best impression. Sometimes it may be just what you need. However, you may have written content for which a smaller photo would blend in perfectly. After you resize photos you need, then click OK and move to the Save & Share tab. In this tab, you can view your photo and readjust as needed with the text fields and sliders on this screen.

  9. The format can be adjusted to meet your needs For most photos, the JPG is the best format. If you are looking for archiving, then PNG is usually the best, while GIF is good for small photos. BDP, PDF and TIFF are available too. Most websites do prefer to use JPG.

  10. Your next step is to adjust the JPG Compression Quality by moving the indicator on the slider. Adjust the scale between 1 and 10 to change the quality of your photo. Most commonly, the best selection for website use is between 6 and 9 on this scale.

  11. Look just below the slider to see the file size for each scale number on the slider. You can usually get the best performance on a website when the files are 20 KB or less. Just adjust as need to get the file size that you want.

  12. PicnikSave4.jpg

  13. Your final step is to save your adjustment by clicking the Save Photo button on this page. Then identify where you want to save it, so you can find it later. You are set to upload image in the correct size that you need to publish it on your website.

For anyone interested in the internet, whether you are looking for jobs after retirement or not, this is a good technique to know. The process will allow you to add photos as you go through our how to start a blog page or if you want to start a website.

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