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PEP Success

See how the Prison Entrepreneurship Program ("PEP") develops confidence and ideas for the best startup business opportunities after release from prison.

There is a great deal of untapped potential within the prison walls. In fact, many inmates were seasoned entrepreneurs who happened to run illegitimate businesses. It has been found that the truly reformed prisoners have tremendous potential once they receive the right education and life skills training.

The Start

As a resident of Houston, Texas, I am proud that our community has developed the Prison Entrepreneurship Program in and around the Houston area to help improve the lives of so many. It would not have happened but for the will and determination of a former Wall Street investor, Catherine Rohr, who formed PEP in May 2004.

Catherine was touring a prison and noticed that executives and inmate had more in common that most would think. They know how to get things done by managing others. Competition, profitability and risk management are understood by even the most unsophisticated drug dealers.

She moved to Texas and started this program to transform the lives of many. PEP has recruited more than 1,000 CEOs, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs as volunteers. A large number of MBA students from schools like Baylor, Harvard, and Stanford have helped PEP graduates consider different occupations and determine the best startup business to engage in. You can get a feel for the program by viewing the video below of Baylor students' efforts in working with prisoners.

video length 4:40

Video — August 04, 2009 — Baylor MBA students are matched with one PEP participant each semester and spend one hour each week providing feedback to the PEP participant on his business plan.

Their Success

The PEP website has indicated that it has over 1,300 graduates continuing to be successful as indicated on their website. The latest result from the PEP website are shown here.

A Building Process

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