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Neil Patel

An Enjoy Retirement Jobs Interview

Neil Patel from Crazy Egg and Quicksprout gives us his views on entrepreneur traits for today's internet age.

What does an entrepreneur need to know to succeed? Fortunately for us, we have the opportunity to speak with Neil Patel, a truly successful entrepreneur who has co-founded two (2) successful internet companies, Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics, along with one of the most successful entrepreneurship blogs, www.quicksprout.com .

Through these companies, Neil has guided a number of large corporations to increased revenue from the internet. Those companies include, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, AOL and Viacom. Before he turned 21, Neil was considered on of the top 100 bloggers by Technorati and was considered one of the top influencers on the web by the Wall Street Journal.

CrazyEgg (www.crazyegg.com ) is designed for owners of websites and webmasters who want to gain more ad revenue, who care what visitors do, who need to make improvements and who like things that are easy. It provides visual and data reports that help the webmaster improve their websites. KISSmetrics (www.kissmetrics.com ) provides analytics to help online businesses grow and monetize.

Over the past several years, Neil has made quite an impact on the internet and in the process has provided tools and insight to entrepreneurs for them to reach their dream.

"Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered!"

~ Neil Patel

"Even having one
negative person around
you can be like
a wildfire… it can
spread in an instant."

~ Neil Patel

We thought you would enjoy hearing from Neil about this subject.


1. Hi Neil, thank you for sharing your time with us. I have described for the readers a little bit about your background and the two companies that you formed, CrazyEgg.com and KISSmetrics.com. You also have an amazing website www.quicksprout.com where you blog about entrepreneurs, with guidelines and lessons to be learned. Although you have described about your early years and drive toward entrepreneurship at your quicksprout.com site, would you mind giving our readers a short view of your start in the business world?

I made my start when I was 16 years old. I saw that websites like monster.com were doing really well on the web, so I decided to create a job board called advicemonkey.com. Sadly it didn't work out because the site lacked both companies who were looking to hire employees and applicants who were looking for a job.

But through the process of creating advicemonkey.com, I learned how to drive visitors to a website. Later on I created a consulting company that specialized in online marketing.

2. One of the outstanding tools you present at www.quicksprout.com is your publication entitled “The Entrepreneur’s Handbook - 59 Resources for First Time Entrepreneurs”. It provides a great deal of insight to those who want to become a entrepreneur. Would you mind giving us your view of an entrepreneur definition and the top 3 points that you wanted to make from that publication?

An entrepreneur isn't just someone who starts their own company, but they are someone who creates a profitable business.

From that blog post I wanted entrepreneurs to take away:

  1. How to deal with legal issues.
  2. How to design your website.
  3. How to market your website.

3. Neil, our website gives focus to those nearing retirement or already retired and want to gain income or just use their skills for satisfaction of doing a job well. Our subject matter doesn’t necessarily apply just to baby boomers. A number of our readers still have quite a while before they even think about retirement. How do you feel that your ideas and philosophies apply to those nearing retirement and to those young enough that they have quite a number of years before retirement?

As for people who are looking to retire, I cover things like diversification and saving money. You want to get your hands in as many cookie jars as possible so that your income is more likely to be stable.

As for people who are far from retirement, I'll teach you how to take more risks and build wealth. I won't teach you how to get rich quick, but I will teach you how to build long term wealth.

4. You talk a great deal in your Quicksprout blog about the use of social networking in developing a business. Can you provide a few comments on the use of Facebook, Twitter and the like and what one is trying to accomplish by their use?

Facebook is a great way to interact with your customers and fans. If you create a Facebook fan page you can keep in touch with your customers and hopefully better satisfy them.

As for Twitter, it is a great tool to find potential customers. You can use their search feature to find customers that aren't satisfied with your competitor and bring them on over to your company.

5. One of the ways that I learn best is by making mistakes. You seem to have a knack for gathering data from your observations about mistakes and compiling concepts and principals that can be beneficial to others. Can you give us your view of the top mistakes that one can learn from?

  1. Focus on one business. Spreading yourself too thin is a great way to lose money.
  2. Don't get ahead of yourself. If you start making money, don't expand too quickly.
  3. It doesn't matter what you want, it matters what your customers want.
  4. Time is money, so move quickly.

6. If one wants to really make a great deal of money, what is your advice for that person?

Find a problem in this world that you are passionate about and solve it. It's a simple as that.

7. What is the best way to evaluate a money making idea?

Find out what potential customers think about it. If they like it, try it out. If they don't, move onto something else.

Like I said above, it doesn't matter what you want, it matters what your customer wants.

8.I encourage my visitors to follow their passion to find their retirement jobs, whether they are paid or unpaid. Could you tell us how important you feel it is for one’s passion to lead their life?

It is very important. Why waste your time doing something you hate. You won't put much energy into it, so why do it at all.

On the other hand, if you love what you are doing you will work harder and longer. Thus making an impact on this world.

9. What are the main things that you want our audience to know about the opportunities that are ahead of us?

You can't be involved in all of the opportunities out there. Find one that you are passionate about and go after it.

If other opportunities pass you by, that's ok.


Thank you for your time and insight on this important subject. As a boomer, I am excited about the new world ahead of us and the opportunities it presents. I really appreciate what you are doing and look forward to your entrepreneurship blogs at Quicksprout.

For my visitors, please take some time and visit Neil at www.quicksprout.com - for inspiration and insight.

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