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How do you find the best real online jobs, even part time online jobs? The best ones are those that truly excite you. Follow your passion and you will find jobs online that produce happiness. Haven't thought about online jobs before? It doesn't matter. If this is the way to find happiness, then take that turn.

Real online jobs are possible today. The business environment has certainly changed over the past ten years because of the internet. Now YOU can find retirement jobs online or real jobs online before retirement and start your own business so much easier.

The biggest question for you to evaluate is which approach do you want to take. You have to determine what are the best careers for you. may be the place to go for traditional jobs; however, it may also lead you to start thinking differently and find your own online job.

Online jobs from home can provide you with extra income. Of course, they do not produce overnight riches. Just like traditional jobs, you may have to pass a test or a background check before you get hired. The amount you make will vary depending on your skills and experience. Let's go through some of the opportunities awaiting you.

"The money is no better in retirement,
but the hours are! "

~ Anonymous

Age is only a number, a cipher for the records.
A man can't retire his experience. He must use it.

~ Bernard Baruch

We have set out the real online jobs (not scams) into three major categories:

1. Sell Your Services Online

2. Sell Your Own Products Online

3. Sell Products for Others Online

The first thing to remember is to always be careful of scams. Be sure to check out the company fully, including contacting the better business bureau before you commit any money. That being said, there are numerous ways in which you can make money online legitimately with reputable companies.

Many home jobs are available. It is important to evaluate them carefully and find a good fit for you.

Sell Your Services Online
(Or Find Home Jobs Online)

1. Freelancing -

If you have special talents like writers, programmers, designers, engineers, business professionals and administrative assistants, there are opportunities to freelance.

If you have experience, knowledge and even certification on specific subjects like HVAC, Home Improvement, Spanish, Pharmacy, Clock Repair, Law and many more, then you could qualify to become an expert to help others by answering their questions online.

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2. Customer Service -

Should you already have customer service experience, you can pick your hours to earn money from your home as a representative for numerous companies resulting in a real online job.

3. Transcription -

You need a good command of the English language and have strong typing skills to transcribe for several companies.

4. Virtual Concierge -
Want to run errands and find answers to questions virtually. Perhaps you will be assigned to schedule appointments or even do some unusual things like locate clothing similar to that of a celebrity.

5. Direct Sales -

There are programs that match your sales interest and experience to companies' needs.

6. Tutoring -

Should you have teaching experience, you can become an online tutor and work with student via the net. You will probably have to take a strenuous test to qualify. Several sites are available to start your investigation.

Free personality test. Takes less than 5 minutes.

7. Publish on the Net -

Focus that knowledge you have based on your prior career or your hobby or special interest to build your own real online jobs. If you can put together information about your favorite subject on your own website with good and interesting content, you will receive traffic. That traffic will bring in opportunities for advertisers, finder's fees and affiliate marketing. Put together an online newsletter or e-Zine and publish it regularly for viewing by those interested. This could evolve into sale of e-goods, such as online books. Go to the Enjoy SBI page to read how I published this website. If you want to learn more about the elements involved in publishing, move directly to Start a Website Page.

MORE AVAILABLE! Other sections on this site that address Retiree Jobs are:
To see how others have made the transition to become successful entrepreneurs and publish their ideas on the net, visit our how to become an entrepreneur page.

There are a lot of great approaches out there. Here is one idea that a young woman and her husband decided to pursue. She started an online women's lifestyle magazine geared toward those seeking creative ideas, positive news and opportunities to engage. was born to bring enlightenment and joy to its readers. See what she has done.

8. Take Surveys -

You can't get rich by taking surveys, but it can bring in some extra cash. Be careful in your selection and don't pay money upfront or costs for additional services. Some legitimate sites do exist. Interested? Then Discover What Some Survey Sites Don’t Want You To Know!

9. Assistance for Disabled Individuals -

The National Telecommuting Institute can help individuals with disabilities find opportunities to work from home.

Find more information on selling your services online and finding real online jobs by clicking here to go to our Free Home Jobs Online page.

Sell Your own Products Online
(Or Sell Products from Home)

1. Photography -

Sell your photos through stock photo agencies online. Several good sites are popular.

2. Skills in Audio, Video or Programming -

If you have the ability to develop your own audio or video, you can sell use of them to customers visiting the agencies online. The same thing goes for your programming skills.

3. Sell Your Crafts -

If you are good at handicrafts or music, you can turn that skill into income with the right approach online.

4. Sell Items Through Online Classified -

If you have items around your house that you want to get rid of, why not sell them through online classified sites? Instead of the usual garage sale or listing in the newspaper, list them for free in most cases in an online classified site. Craigslist is the most famous, but there are others.

Learn more about Selling Your Own Products from Home by clicking here.

Latest News on Legitimate Online Jobs

Do you want to see what is happening in the world regarding online jobs? We have included a link here for you to see the latest on Real Online Jobs in the news by our direct feed from Google News.

In fact, you can even share a news story or idea you have regarding online jobs. Did you find a great website regarding online jobs? Perhaps you ran across a interesting news article that you want to share. Just click here to go to our Legitimate Online Jobs News & Views page to send in your story. It will be published here on this site.

See what others have submitted on Legitimate Online Jobs as well. Make a comment about their story.

Sell Products for Others Online
(Or Wholesale Products to Sell Online)

1. Use eBay to sell products -

Many businesses and sites have steps that you can follow to market products for others on eBay. Study them carefully and you can find that this can be successful.

2. Sell products at online auction sites -

Be careful and avoid scammers, especially when searching out wholesale merchandise. However, you can find reputable sites and develop your own real online jobs.

3. Open your own online store -

You can find sites to host your own store for a monthly fee. By using built-in software, you can set up successful real online jobs using the site for product sales and filling orders. Some such sites are: Amazon Webstore, Yahoo! Merchant Solutions, Site Build It and others as listed on the detail page for Sell Products for Others.

You’ve also probably got lots of questions and want answers? Just try this to ask a question. No selling, just answers.

Here is something that solves one of the biggest problems in starting an on-line business - Getting Paid. The merchant tools from PayPal make it very simple. PayPal is the system that eBay relies on.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Get more information on Selling Products for Others at our Wholesale Products to Sell page.


This is a lot to think about. It can be confusing trying to decide which approach is best for you. You may want to know how can you find out how you can succeed.

There is a reputable source to help you work through our thought process and examine your strengths. MAPP Assessment (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential) provides test that can be completed in a short period of time, but yet provide great insight into your true talents.

One option is to Take the FREE MAPP Assessment. Another is to focus on their test for The Success Likelihood Test! Are you likely to succeed in your career? See if real online jobs are right for you.

You will receive a free partial report. The full report can be purchased for a small fee. Examine it to see if you feel it can assist you on your journey.

We hope you find this to be a good listing of opportunities for real online jobs. To find out more about any or all, click on the links above to move to a more detailed explanation.

You can find real online jobs that can bring in extra income and make you happy by following your passion.

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