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Outstanding Jobs After Retirement

Hobbies For Retirement - The Beginning

Your hobbies during retirement can span the spectrum of your imagination. Are they the best jobs after retirement?

Build your dream house, restore a classic car, build a website are just some of the tasks or hobbies you can undertake during retirement. Activity is essential to fully enjoy this time of life.

Have you thought about it for years, but just haven't had the time to start or enjoy your retirement hobby or activity? Here are a few ideas to consider it you don't have a hobby yet or want to start a new one.

Grandchildren (yes, I know they are not a hobby, but it is fun to spend more time with them), garden, golf, tennis, baseball in the afternoon, musical retirement-hobbies-car-restoration

musical instrument, paint art, blow glass, write a short story or a novel, cooking classes, carpentry, ride bicycles, invent a board game, dancing lessons, restore a classic car (see my project on the left side of this page), collect stamps, collect old toys, collect anything else, ride horses, play hockey, build a boat, kayak, wood working, skydive, white water rafting, start a website, make your own wine or beer, juggle or build your dream house.

" 'Tis easy to resign a toilsome place,
But not to manage leisure with a grace,
Absence of occupation is not rest,
A mind quite vacant is a mind distress'd "

- William Cowper, Retirement

Build a Website and an e-Business

If you are looking for an activity to keep you on your toes, I recommend you build a website. It keeps you actively engaged to research your facts, learn the technical process of building a webpage, continue to update to keep it fresh and finally, communicate with your visitors. It is quite a process. To learn more about building a website click here to go to my Start a Website Page.

(Photo courtesy of SiteSell |

You can get some great insight on how it is done at SiteSell Twitter Updates.

Build Your Own Dream House

You may have thought about it for a number of years and you now have the time to finally build your dream house. You could consider the process more like jobs after retirement, but it can be an enjoyable experience to locate the lot you want near the beach, in the mountains or near the trees. You just have to find the right plans for you and your family. Where can you go to do that?

Numerous books on house plans are available. Search or your local bookstore. At in Texas, you can find plans for German farm houses of guest cottage or country-style living homes that can actually be build in 60 days. The key is that they are constructed in a covered facility on the builder’s location and then moved to your lot where final construction and assembly is completed. This shortens the construction period and improves the quality control over the construction. Great idea that really works.

This Section on Storage Shed Plans also includes:
Build Your Own Shed

Could be that a storage shed is just the project that you need as one of your retirement hobbies, for your tools and equipment and to get that great feeling of accomplishment. Even if you are not ready for retirement, it is worth checking it out. There are many plans available, however I have found an enormous compilation of shed plans to help you in whatever project you want to do. You can choose from 12,000 shed plans and woodworking patterns.

You can find plans for storage shed, a Garden bench, How to Build a Fence, Dog Kennel, Making an Easy Arbor, Swing Pet, Nursery Wagon, Doghouse Plans, Outdoor Fireplaces, Feed Cart, Storage Shed for Pesticide and a lot more..

You can also find plans for garages and outbuildings tool. You can learn to build Large Garage, Elevated Sawdust Bin, Lawn Tool Storage Cabinet, Garden Windmill, etc. It's a book that enables you become an expert woodworker and complete projects in far less time than you used to.

Start off by requesting your FREE Shed Plans for a 12x8 shed. Receive you free shed plan by email directly to your inbox. And you can learn more about the all of the plans available and even get your shed plans package today by clicking here.

Build Your Own Woodworking Project

This Section on Woodworking Plans also includes:
If you want more variety that just a shed, then you should look at the great set of woodworking plans and projects.

Chances are that if your are interested in woodworking it is more than likely that you have a passion for it. You may have spent hundreds of dollars on various projects and even then measurements went wrong. I understand because I have done just that. See what I have found for all of the woodworking plans and projects that are available here.

I am always on the lookout for ways to get one of my retirement hobbies (projects for chairs, tables, frames, and entertainment ideas) done faster and cheaper. Now I have come across an amazing package made up of over 16,000 woodworking plans that contains step-by-step instructions to follow. See what others have to say about these plans from Ted Mcgrath.

You will find that it will exceed your expectations, since it comes with a 100% risk-free money back guarantee.

Latest News on Retirement Hobbies

Do you want to see what is happening in the world regarding retirement hobbies? We have included a link here for you to see the latest on Retirement Hobbies in the news by our direct feed from Google News.

In fact, you can even share a news story or idea you have on hobbies. Did you find a great website on your favorite hobby? Perhaps you ran across a interesting news article that you want to share. Just click here to go to our Retirement Hobbies News & Views page to send in your story. It will be published here on this site.

See what others have submitted on Retirement Hobbies as well. Make a comment about their story.

Other Hobby Ideas

Preserving Family Photos and Videos

There may be some of you that are very much like me in that you have family photos from long ago. You may even have 8mm film and VHS video tapes of birthday, graduations and fun family vacations.

I took color 8mm movies of our kids at the beach feeding the seagulls quite a few years ago. Now that we have grandchildren, I wanted to pass on to them the fun that their mom and uncle had playing on the beach. Years ago, I had them converted to VHS video, but now there are hardly any VHS video players left. So I started one of my new retirement hobbies of converting old photos and movies to DVDs.

Scale Modeling

If scale modeling has even been an interest or if you want to find out what it is all about, here is a fun site ( that will really get you going. Check it out to see what you think. Your Ultimate guide to the best in scale modeling.


For some people, their RV hobby during their working years develops into a great love that keeps them going after retirement. If you have already been bitten by the RV bug or want to learn what it is all about, look at for great camping, RVing and travel information.

Glass Etching

One of your retirement hobbies should be one that provides great satisfaction and perhaps even an opportunity for a business. Glass etching may just for you. I came across a site that can provide you all you need to get started. A basic talk about the desired supplies needed for etching glass and introduction to creating etched glass.

Do more than follow your passion, LIVE IT!. Retirement hobbies that match your passion could lead you in the right direction.

Enjoy your retirement hobbies.



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