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What do you think is the best retirement income calculator or best retirement savings calculator? There are so many online retirement calculators available that it can be confusing to determine which one is best for you.

I have provided my view on my Retirement Calculator page stating that FireCalc Retirement Calculator is my favorite. Visit my review of the other calculators under consideration, which are the T Rowe Price Calculator and Wallet Pop.

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I would like to get your opinion and post it on our website for all of our visitors to see. It would be great to get a strong response that brings one or two of the online retirement planning calculators to the forefront, as determined by the people that are examining them and relying on them for answers to their questions.

We would really welcome your help in reviewing the retirement calculators.

It seems like this subject can really touch some emotions, as we see from our readers. Money is important and many feel that the tools to identify your retirement income are extremely important as well.

Many other calculators have come out over the past few years and we do understand that the increase can alter your views on whether you picked the right one the last time. We have had some strong opinions on some of the more highly rated calculator and not always positive.

We would encourage you to read what others have said and please offer us your views. We welcome everyone to comment on this important topic.

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Thanks and we hope you have a great time with this site. We welcome comments at any time by going to our Contact Us page.

Best Retirement Calculator?
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Found the best retirement calculator? Share your opinion on which is the best retirement income calculator or the best retirement savings calculator and why. Get your view seen by all who visit this site. I will post it to this page and will summarize the results periodically.

Visitors' Reviews of the Best Retirement Calculator

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A solid #1 rating. FIRECalc retirement calculator may not be the easiest to use, but the logic behind the program is second to none. The small effort …

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I would never recommend this calculator to anyone. It is cumbersome to navigate, it's confusing and for both times I've used it (I tried it twice to …

Best Calculator is
the Planner Himself
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As a retirement and estate planner, as well as the author of Let's Talk Retirement, I've found most online calculators, including retirement income calculator …

Review of T.Rowe Price
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Dependence is the key factor, that keeps pestering people who are about to retire in the near future. So, when the time comes, every working man or woman …

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I like FireCalc Retirement calculator too. Although I have not visited all of the retirement calculators that are available on the net, I have looked …

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