Secrets to Find Jobs Online

by Robert

There are ways to find jobs online. I found an article by Julie Weingarden Dubin of entitled Secrets to Finding a Job Online dated August 18, 2010, that gives some good ways to do so.

For those that are retired or near retirement, we may have to learn new ways of accomplishing our goals. For those that are younger, you probably already know the power of the internet. Just posting your resume does not get you the job you want. You do have to work at it, as you would expect.

Ms. Dubin talks about what you should not do when are out to look for jobs online. You may guess that spamming your resume is not the right approach to take. One of the keys she did mention is to update your resume every day, even if it is small change, so you will stay at the top of searches conducted by hiring companies and recruiters.

I would have not thought about that. Most probably, I would send in the resume and wait for that phone call that never came.

She states that employers want established professionals that have an online presence. If your name and accomplishments are not present online in various sites then most companies will not be interested in you. Two websites that are looked at by hiring companies are LinkedIn and ZoomInfo.

Women especially rely on LinkedIn more than job boards for professional employment.

She emphasizes how you can find ways to open doors using social media. We have all used networking before, but now it has been expanded. So you must expand your presence in the social media as well.

Good ideas here to find jobs online. The article can be found at

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