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Mark Fox - Simple Retirement Calculator and the Future

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We continue our interview with Mark Fox of Nestegg Retirement Planning Software.

5. Will a simple retirement calculator suffice? One of the top retirement wishes for each of us is to have enough money to last during our retirement. What do you consider to be the most attractive features for a person looking for a calculator as they evaluate their personal retirement planning?

Balance - You want a calculator that is more feature rich than a simple retirement calculator utilizing compound interest, yet you don’t want it so complex it is difficult to use. With Nest Egg Software it takes about 10-15 minutes to set it up; basically the time it takes to enter your investments in the balance sheet and set up the initial basket parameters.

Other attractive features include:

  • flexibility to change all major variables,
  • instant results,
  • nothing to download,
  • intuitive use of colors and graphic displays for easy assessments of the data,
  • contains instructional videos,
  • works on any operating system (PC, Mac, Linux),
  • ability to save an infinite number of scenarios,
  • ability to save the scenarios to your account or your computer,
  • ability to print all scenarios,
  • state of the art data encryption and the highest levels of security.

Egg Software does all of this and more.

6. Are there features that you want to improve and how to plan to accomplish that?

Although our clients tells us Nest Egg Software is awesome just the way it is, we actively solicit customers for suggestions on how to make it better. We have numerous focus studies as well as a usability lab. All this has given us some pretty cool ideas like the ability to download a desktop version so you can access the software without an internet connection, mouse over information clouds, and other usability improvements. These are a few improvements you will see in our next version and more cool stuff as we go.

7. Can a user save various scenarios that they may develop for their analysis?

Yes, you have the ability to set up an infinite amount of scenarios. We suggest at least 4: Your “real” one, one for your spouse, one for your boyfriend/girlfriend, and one for your boss. (Who says retirement planning has to be stogy)

Nestegg-simple-retirement-calculator-01Balance Sheet Screen

8. People are increasingly concerned about security, especially when they go online. When they are looking for retirement help, you are asking individuals to sign up in order to input data and use your calculator. Could you tell us what information you collect from the user, what do you do with it and what assurances can you give us that the financial information and personal data will be safe with you?

Excellent question and yes - we are all about security. NSA level stuff…seriously. When you sign up, we are asking for simple information to set up your account in the system and establish a username and password. Whenever you access the application all of the data is transferred via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption which means no one can read the data except the server receiving it. The data in each scenario is stored in a SQL database and Nest Egg Software had built in security and encryption of that data as well.

On top of that Nest Egg Software does not allow you to enter any actual account numbers of your 401K’s, CD’s, IRA’s etc. You are only giving each asset its own nickname. You call it whatever you want and give the dollar value associated with it. Since there is no actual account details, such as, your bank log-in information, even if the encrypted data could be compromised (which it can’t), no one could do anything with it. It’s just some numbers you wrote down, not any specific account information that someone could use to access you bank accounts, etc.

9. What impact do you see the Baby Boomer generation having on our savings rate and the interest in online retirement planning calculators, especially simple retirement calculators?

The keyword phrases; “Retirement Calculators”, “Retirement Planning Software”, and “Retirement Planning” are searched 100’s of thousands of times per month on the internet. Although it is not a sexy topic, it is on the top of the minds for many people, especially boomers.

Basically, Boomers want to know if they have saved enough money yet. If not, what is the number they need to get to in order to ensure they never run out. Those are the questions Nest Egg Software answers.

10. What is the future of retirement savings calculators online? Will simple retirement calculators still be prevalent?

About half the organizations on the internet that have a retirement savings calculators on their web site use the same simple compound interest calculator. We believe you will see more powerful and easy-to-use ones like Nest Egg Software appearing. I don’t believe you will see many like ours that are free and still have the power of Nest Egg. But we will be constantly listening to customer suggestions for making improvements and will be making those improvements to ours in the future. It will be hard for the others to catch up with us.


Mark, thanks so much for your time and contribution to an important subject to all individuals looking for more than a simple retirement calculator. The more information we have on this subject, the better decisions we can make.

I would like to encourage my readers to examine the Nestegg Retirement Planning Software at to determine if it can help them in their planning.

Also, I recommend my readers provide their input on their views of the best retirement calculators at our Visitor Reviews of Retirement Calculators page.

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