Social Security Administration Forms - The Problem or the Answer?

Filling out social security administration forms can be a daunting process. However, the social security administration has spent a good deal of effort to make it easier to apply for benefits through the social security website website. Considering the number of people asking for assistance and the workload at the local offices, it is beneficial to have a direct alternative to submit a claim for social security.

We will provide a list below of the numerous things one can do at the social security website.

There a number a steps one can take online to apply for benefits. There are several social security administration forms for you to:

  • Apply for Social Security retirement benefits.
  • Apply for Social Security spouse’s benefits.
  • Apply for Social Security disability benefits.
  • Begin or continue the Adult Disability and Work History Report.
  • Apply for extra help with your Medicare prescription drug costs.
  • Check your application status.
  • Appeal a recent medical decision about your disability claim.
  • Continue the appeal that you have already started.

You can also determine:

  • If you qualify for benefits.
  • Find out what benefits you can apply for.
  • Find out it you can get extra help with your Medicare prescription drug costs.

You can estimate your future benefits though the use of:

  • Retirement Estimator Calculator
  • Determine you full retirement age.
  • Use the benefit planner to estimate your retirement, disability and survivors benefits.
  • Request a social security statement.
  • Block online and automated telephone access.

Should you be able to get benefits, you can online:
  • Change your address or telephone number.
  • Get a replacement Medicare Card.
  • Request a Proof of Income Letter.
  • Get a Form 1099/1042S -- Social Security Benefit Statement.
  • Choose a password.
  • Get a password.
  • Block electronic and automated telephone access to your personal information.

For business, governments, payees and third parties, you can:

  • Use Business Services Online to report wages.
  • Verify Social Security numbers.
  • Use Government to Government Services Online.
  • Submit health or school records related to disability claims using
  • Electronic Records Express.
  • File a Representative Payee Accounting Report.

Considering the amount of time that one would expect to spend on social security application forms, it is not really bad to submit your application online. It should take an average of about 15 minutes.

The most common application would be “Application for Retirement Benefits” or Application for Spouses Benefits”. You should be at least 61 years and 9 months old and want your benefits to start no more than 4 months in the future.

It is worthwhile to utilize the Retirement Estimator tool online to provide you with a realistic view of the amount of benefits you will receive. Just go the the estimator an input basic info including social security number, date of birth, last year’s wages and you will receive in return a page showing your eligible benefits at this time and at full retirement age. Good way to check with your own data.

Once an application is submitted, you can check its status online at its “Application Status” page. Then just fill in your SSN and Confirmation Number for a complete up to date status.

By the way, some may be confused between an application and a claim for social security. They are the same thing. To claim your benefits under social security, you must submit an application.

All in all, filling in the social security administration forms online is the way to go.


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