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Should Social Security Administration Reduce Retirement Age?

You are invited to participate in our poll. Do you agree the social security retirement age should be reduced temporarily to provide more jobs as proposed by Congressman Kucinich?

On February 12, 2010 Fox News conducted an interview with Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D) of Ohio regarding his proposal for a bill that would open employment opportunities.

His plan is to have the Social Security Administration lower the retirement age from 62 to 60 for a six month period. He claims that many people want to take early retirement before age 62, but currently cannot do so and still receive Social Security benefits.

By lowering the social security retirement age to 60 for a six month period, he claims that one million job openings would occur which could be filled by those currently unemployed. This would apply only to the next one million people that want to retire at age 60. They would be given that opportunity to do so.

The cost for this program is $15 Billion and would come from the bailout or TARP funds and some would come from the American Recovery Act funds. He insists that no money would be taken out of Social Security.

If such a bill passed, it would affect the early retirement planning of many people as the retirement age is changed, then reinstated.

The interviewer said that he felt that this program did not create any new jobs, but or just enticed people to leave their current jobs and get paid by the government to do so. We would like to know your opinion. Do you agree with Congressman Kucinich?

The video of the Fox News interview on potential change to the Social Security retirement age is shown below. Please view the video below and fill out the form below to send in your opinion to the poll question. We appreciate your participation. The results will be published soon.

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