Volunteer Ideas to Find the Volunteers Organizations for You

Are you searching for the best volunteers organizations for you? We can take a look at several volunteer ideas to give you a feel as to what might be available.

Your reasons to volunteer can be varied. Many organizations are very grateful that you are willing to share your time and talents. Volunteering can be one of the most satisfying experiences of your life. You can contribute a great deal by using your time for a beneficial purpose for others. Let’s talk more about volunteers organizations.

Community Activities

Communities have medical facilities that can make good use of helpers. The Veterans Administration (VA) runs hospitals all over the country and they provide needed care and services to our service men and women. Contact the VA to find where they need a volunteer at hospital near you. They always appreciate your time. You can work frequently or infrequently, as your schedule permits.

Most churches have programs to assist the needy in their area. Consider a mission trip to immerse yourself in a new culture and help others. Call the United Way and Meals on Wheels to see where you are most needed. The Red Cross helps out all over the United States during periods of disaster.

Volunteers in Medicine was started in 1933 as a clinic on Hilton Head, South Carolina when it did not have access to health care. Today, retired physicians, nurses and dentists volunteer their services to help others nationwide in one of the VIM clinics. People on limited resources are served by VIM clinics or volunteer hospital. The “Culture of Caring” is the guiding principal of VIM. Similar clinics are in 24 states like Washington, Wyoming, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Generations United started in 1986 and stimulates collaboration between senior, children and youth organizations. It works to improve the lives of children, youth and older individuals by means of intergenerational programs and public policies. It represents more than 70 million Americans through many national, state and local organizations.

By the way, if you are interested to learn why do people volunteer for non-profit organizations, then take a look at www.charity-volunteer.com. This site provides a great perspective of volunteerism with fundraising ideas for different types of organizations. There are many free downloads and tips available to assist you in your volunteer efforts. It provides all of your volunteering help on one website.

More than 2,000 members serve as tutors and mentors for Experience Corps to children in urban public schools and after school programs. Children are taught to read and develop skills and confidence to succeed in life. It partners with schools and local community organizations to create meaningful opportunities for adults over 55 to meet society’s greatest challenges. It operates in Annapolis, Baltimore, Beaumont Texas, Boston, Cleveland, Evansville Indiana, Grand Rapids Michigan, Marin California, Mesa Arizona, Minneapolis, New York, Oakland, Philadelphia, Port Arthur Texas, Portland Oregon, Revere Massachusetts, San Francisco, St. Paul Minnesota, Tempe Arizona, Tuscon Arizona, and Washington DC.

The Executive Service Corps Affiliate Network provides it volunteers organizations to a variety of high-quality services to nonprofit groups, schools and agencies through numerous nonprofit consulting units. Its affiliates are management support organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life in communities they serve.

Oasis is a program designed to enrich the lives of mature adults by engaging them in lifelong learning and service programs which enable them to contribute to the community. One can contribute by stimulating classes in history, politics, visual and performing arts, financial and legal issues, writing and so much more. One can assist to improve the learning opportunities of children especially through its Intergenerational Tutoring Program. Find out more at oasisnet.org.

The Senior Corps connects individuals over 55 with people and organizations that need their skills. That person may become a mentor, coach or companion to people in need, or contribute their skills and expertise to community projects as part of your retirement activities. Some of the ways to become involved are:

  • Foster Grandparent Program - Volunteers age 60 and over are connected with children with exceptional needs. They help support and mentor this vulnerable children.
  • Senior Companion Program - Volunteers age 60 and over are linked with adults that have difficulty with the simple tasks of day-to-day living. They help out on a personal level by assisting with shopping, light chores, interacting with doctors or just making a friendly visit.
  • RSVP - Volunteers age 55 and over matched with service organizations that need their skills. You could be involved in building houses, immunizing children, or enhancing the capacity of non-profit organizations.

Volunteers-In-Parks Program provides a vehicle through which the National Park Service can accept and utilize voluntary help and services from the public which can lead to a real fun job. The major objective of the program is to utilize this voluntary help in such a way that is mutually beneficial to the National Park Service and the volunteer. Some opportunities you may find could be 1) On Board Amtrak Train Guide, 2) Grist Mill Operator, 3) Visitor Information at San Antonio Missions, 4) Palo Alto Battlefield Education Volunteer and many others. Find out more at nps.gov/gettinginvolved/volunteer/.

The Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement (EASI) was formed as a national nonprofit coalition of environmental, aging and volunteers organizations. It strives to provide opportunities for seniors to plan an active role in protecting and improving the environment in their communities. Several programs they have started are:

  • Local Senior Environment Corps Initiative - focuses on energy conservation, environmental education, restoration and pollution prevention.
  • Senior Leadership Corps - provides leadership for local Bureau of Land Management volunteer projects.
  • Volunteer Senior Ranger Corps - helps meet priority needs at eight of America’s national parks through partnerships between the Park and its surrounding communities.

For more on volunteers organizations visit our Volunteer Opportunities in Business page and Volunteer Work Overseas page also. You may find just what you are looking for.

All of the volunteers organizations perform beneficial work and also help the person that contributes their time and talents by giving them the opportunity. Your contributions can be a truly satisfying and fun role during retirement. Enjoy it.

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