Wallet Pop and Motley Fool

Both Motley Fool and Wallet Pop websites have the same retirement calculators.

The calculators for both sites are AOL Money and Finance Retirement Calculators. Sure enough, the AOL site does reference the same calculators.

Whether you are looking for retirement savings calculators or retirement income calculators, these sites require you to input a fair amount of data. As we discussed previously, the greater the amount of input data you have, then the more likely you will get an accurate result.

As an example, I have placed below a picture of the input page to determine “How will retirement affect my expenses?”


There are 15 different questions that can be answered through the calculators at this site. So it is very likely that you question is in that list.

Click here to try its calculator.

We would enjoy hearing your views on this calculator. Did you find it user-friendly and did it provide you with all of the answers that you were searching for? You can give us your input by going to our Visitor Reviews of Retirement Calculators page. Thank you for your participation.

It is worth reviewing to see if these calculators will meet your needs.

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