Web Host Sites
Find the Best One for You

Find web host sites to meet your needs. Research many web hosts to determine the one that is right for you. There are a number of varieties of hosts and costs associated with the services they provide.


There are totally free web hosts available. If you want to put up a personal website where you do not expect a lot of traffic, then the free hosting that your ISP may provide could be just what you are looking for. There may be limits on capacity, so understand the specifications of all totally free web hosts.

Fee Based Hosting

There are many variations in the services provided by web host sites. As a result, prices can range from a minimal amount like $3.95/month to an annual rate of $300 -350/year. Some of the services may or may not be included in the purchased package from the host. Questions you should ask in selecting a web host are:

  • Is the amount of web space limited? If so, what is the cost for additional space?
  • Does it have a money back guarantee?
  • Does it contain a user guide?
  • Is the domain name cost included?
  • Are e-mail accounts included?
  • Is there a page builder for beginners?
  • Are pre-designed templates available?
  • Does it provide search engine ranking and traffic help?
  • Is it ideal for personal or money making sites?
  • Does it show you how to make money?
  • Does it provide marketing help?
  • Are user/peer help forums available?
  • Does it provide shopping cart options?

Finding a web host that is designed primarily for a certain type of activity is possible. Some are set up specifically for:
  • E-commerce – incorporates secure servers for protection in selling goods on the web.
  • Reseller – provided to companies that want to set up their own web hosting.
  • Clustered – multiple servers combined with the same content for load-balancing, especially for popular sites.
  • File and Image – store files and images, not for websites.
  • Weblog – typically less expensive, since it can handle only blogs built on their software and not other websites.

Of course, one major factor in your evaluation of web host sites is determining what value you get for the cost you incur. But remember that SUPPORT is critical for a successful operation.

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