Find Wholesale Products
to Sell Online

Looking for wholesale products to sell in your online store? Find the best products to sell by reviewing our list of suppliers and host sites.

Sell Products on EBay -

Many businesses and sites have steps that you can follow to sell products on eBay that you acquired from suppliers. You may already be an accomplished seller on eBay or you may be just learning. In either case, you will probably continue to search for wholesale products to sell. is a good place to buy items at low prices. The best part is that you can buy smaller quantities (10 or less) until you need large amounts (100+). They have many different items and you can grow at your own pace. They offer back-to-school items as well as jewelry, craft items, etc. With their pricing, you should he able to make a profit on your sales. As a wholesale distributor and closeout company, they can help small businesses and entrepreneurs compete against others that buy in bulk.

Most of the items from this site, as well as others, can be sold on auction sites, such as eBay. Study them carefully and you can find out how to sell online successfully.

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Sell Products at Other Online Auction Sites -

When searching out wholesale products to sell, it is always good to examine the wholesale site to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable company. Do your research and you can avoid scammers. Several of the popular sites online besides eBay are:

  • Online ( – founded by an auctioneer
  • Oztion – Aussie for auction
  • Overstock – provides shopping and auctions
  • WeBidz – with over 37,000 registered users
  • CQout – Uk’s second largest online marketplace
  • uBid – excess inventory
  • ePier – making online commerce available to everyone
  • ShopGoodwill – first internet auction site owned by a non-profit organization.

Open Your Own Online Store -

If you are looking to do more than sell products on eBay, you can find sites to host your own store for a monthly or annual fee. By using built-in software, you can set up the site for product sales and filling orders. Some such sites are:

  • Solo Build It! - All in one marketing and hosting system for $299/year or $29.99/month with a 30 day money back guaranteed results. This is the host package we are using for this website.
  • Amazon Webstore – Easy setup with 30 day free trial. Costs around $60/month plus 7% commission on webstore sales.
  • Yahoo! Merchant Solutions – Starter plans begin at $40/mo plus 1.0% transaction fee and $50 setup fee up to a Professional package at $300/month plus 0.75% transaction fee and $50 setup fee.
  • eBay's ProStores – Plans can run from $30/month plus 0.5% transaction fee to from $60 to $300/month plus 0.5% transaction fee.

Use the best payment method available in your business. Use what eBay uses - PayPal

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

We have gone over a number of sites from which you can obtain wholesale products to sell online. There are others available as well. Evaluate each one to find the one that best suites your needs. They have been used successfully by many store owners. You too can succeed in learning how to sell online.

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