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There is nothing like having the right bench at the right place. It can provide a cozy place in a comfortable setting in your back yard or side yard. You might feel that a table and bench set with awning is just the thing TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects for back yard setting or pool area. It might even be a simple design for an easy project that will meet a need in the right location.

Most of us would welcome a backdoor bench to help in removing shoes and boots. Of course, a number of us really want a woodworking workbench for our projects and tools. I found all of these bench projects in the set of plans provided by Teds Woodworking. We will go over a few of these here.

This Section on Woodworking Plans also includes:

Red cedar is the perfect wood for this woodwork bench plans for a table and four benches. Add your favorite umbrella and you are set for a relaxing time in the back yard or your personal location. Depending on your locale and taste, you may prefer to work the project in redwood, teak or cypress. The choice is yours.

This set of plans provides twenty (20) color photographs of cutting, glueing, clamping, routering and finishing the table bench set. A detail list of materials and an easy-to-understand blowout diagram are included to help provide guidance in location and assembly.

The key points that stood out for me was the simple beauty and realistic functionality of this set. If you want to build a table and bench set, then this one should be high on you list for consideration. Woodwork-bench-Arbor-bench-300

This next project could be the highlight of your yard, especially if you have the perfect location to place it. You can see that the arbor bench lends itself to a soft planting that could grow over the top of the arbor. Even if you do not have ivy or plantings nearby at present, consider the best location and design in plantings to grow and compliment the arbor bench.

This photo provides some insight into how additional plantings nearby can enhance the already comfortable feeling with this style woodwork bench.

This project is suitable for the non-expert, since it just takes basic woodworking tools, like a circular saw, a saber saw, an electric drill, a hammer and a nail set. You will have to rip a few boards to smaller dimensions, but you can have the lumberyard do it for you, if you are not comfortable with a table saw.

This project would lend itself to the use of a clear sealer on all of the surfaces. Once that is done you are ready for a relaxing view from your arbor bench.

Woodwork-bench-Four-board-bench-250 Do you want something simple and quick? Then take a look at the Four Board Bench. We are talking about 1 piece for the top, 1 piece for the stretcher, 2 pieces for the legs, and 4 pieces for the wedges.

You can use a handheld jigsaw to round the edges. Cut your tenon and mortises, along with notches in several locations and you can see that you will have a sturdy bench. So it comes down to cut, glue and assemble. Stain as you desire.

Woodwork-bench-Backdoor-boot-bench-200.jpg If you have that one location in your home that needs to have a place to sit on while removing your boots or sports equipment, then check out this backdoor boot bench. The great thing about this woodwork bench project is that it is not difficult and can provide a useful purpose when completed.

Once you view the plans, you may get ideas of your own on how this bench can be used. It could be considered one of the small woodworking projects that nets big results.

You may have always wanted to build a woodworking workbench in your garage. If so, then here is a set of plans that you should review. I am talking about a place to work on your projects and store your tools and equipment.


It is a basic design that lends itself to meeting the needs of most people. It is great for the home handyman since it provides plenty of work space, a large shelf, and a perforated peg-board backing for hanging tools. This design includes a 3/4 inch wafer-board covered with a 1/4 inch hard-board. It is an 8 foot long woodworking workbench and you can make it any length to fit your work space.

This is a nice design to fit into most garages.

I hope this discussion has given you a view of the interesting and helpful materials on workbenches that are available in Teds Woodworking. Take a look and see if you agree.

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