The Writing Entrepreneur

by Audrey Owen

The writing entrepreneur is, of course, a writer. But this particular writer is much more. The entrepreneur is thinking about how to earn money from the enterprise.

Writing is not notorious for its financial rewards. Most self-publishing writers do not pay enough attention to the financial end of their endeavour. But it is possible to build a business that capitalizes on writing. For the rest of this article, I will be taking about nonfiction because it is by far the easiest way to become an entrepreneurial writer. You can write fiction and make money at it, but it is much more difficult than making money from nonfiction.

Have Something to Say
And Say It Well

I believe that everyone has at least one good book inside him or her. There is something you know that others could benefit from. Today's self-publishing venues allow you to create and distribute information cost effectively.

Of course there's a lot of competition, so you will want to make your book stand out by creating a superior product. That means you have sound ideas that you present in an interesting way.

Know Your Market

It's best if you know who will buy your book before you start to write. This knowledge helps to set the boundaries for your writing. It will also help you when it comes time to sell your work. Most books are not sold in general bookstores. Think about where your book will fit in the world of books.

Choose Your Other Products

Some writing entrepreneurs write a series of books. Others write one or two books that support an already-existing product. For example, a yoga instructor writes a cookbook, or a dance instructor writes a book on pilates, or a coach writes a book on training for a particular sport. These are examples of writers I know and their books.

In some cases, the writer sells the books directly to clients. In other cases, the books work to draw in new clients. In either case, the books provide an additional income stream.

What you, as an entrepreneur want to do, is to capitalize on your originalaudrey-at-work-writing-entrepreneuridea, and then grow outwards from there. Start with a book and grow a business, or start with your business and add a book or books.

Just be sure that you pay attention to the bottom line throughout. There are plenty of vanity presses that will print any book for you if you just want to feel your own book in your hands. Earning money from a book takes a mindset focused on the money as well as the message.

©2011 Audrey Owen Used by permission
Audrey works as an editor for self-publishing writers. She can help you take your written product from idea to polished copy.

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